True voyage is return (to Nwn2)

So I admit… been away from Nwn2 for quite some long time.
I have been tardy to re-visit the party…

Recently I have found and re-loaded my Gog version (1.23). Nice.
I have upgraded the toolset a little and re familiarized my self with the file nomenclature.
But I had forgotten how much more finicky the directory and script structure is for adding mods, etc… compared to Nwn1 (But I like the added level of controls and initimacy of character interactions)

Upon looking through the vault I am pleasantly stunned by the many excellent updates & upgrades.
And thereby, I have closely examined some of the combined armour, skins, placeables, “tilesets” and creature compendiums (plus Nwn2fixes) of numerous authors and I am left without a clear delineation.
Aka What conflicts egregiously and what plays together well and how to spot problems in advance.

Btw…Kudos to those who have pioneered and braved the complexities of Nwn2 and their excellent achievements over the years…

Since the oldest migration of files, on the Vault, I am often confused by what the older submissions say and their multitudinous updates mean… (post 2015?)
Which of them ( if any) are still relevant?
I would prefer to avoid resource bloat.

Because of the original’s dated look, I wanted to immediately upgrade to whatever is considered by the community, to be the basic stable, minimum standard now.
(Considering the OC, MotB, SoZ limitations & differences)
My intent is to maximize my enjoyment of the replay of the OC and mods as a single player campaign.
Perhaps a recipe for enjoyment of each is required?

Initially, I was about to go with the unsupported 3C and it’s inclusions circa 2015
But that was a good attempt from long ago.

“I can see far only because I have rested upon the shoulders of giants.”

This time around, I don’t want to be bogged down with the endless editing of mods.
Just desiring the most basic “standard” upgrades for inclusion.

Or do I just load whatever/everything I come across into the haks and override and hope for the best?

Can anyone direct “newbies” to a comprehensive, up to current date, top down approach and guide to upgrade the original gog game to what is considered the top of the line, basic standard now? (allowing for various advancements of software and resources since it’s release)

Currently I am aware of Github and the dxvk inclusion, but I don’t know that I need/want it.

Or must I wade through the vast technical verbiage and excitement of the various authors…using trial and error as my guides ? Clearly, there must be some common ground, technically, between developers?

I have read many readmes’ extensively, and much of the Nwn2 wiki, but there still appears to be no spreadsheet like short-form concensus of what formulates the basic cross application upgrade.
Have I missed some secret knowledge?

Yeah, I want all the best bells, whistles and graphics, without limit…
(avoiding all types of censorship and file conflictions…Hardware issues are not relevant)
And allow for my own simplistic modifications later.

I understand the map…but what is confusing is the terrain…

Any suggestions and/or links ?

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Skywing’s Client Extension (it’s a front-end loader for Nwn2, works great for most i think, but some have issues with it)

Nwn2Fixes (ofc)

The Companion and Monster AI is an extensively advanced version of Nwn2’s stock AI … highly recommended especially if you let the companions do their own thing …

ill wait for others to make their recommendations but as you saw there’s all kinds of stuff …

as for conflicts … run a duplicate file checker app on your /override folder after adding mods – this is a good way to see if/when mods conflict …

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Thanks for that quick input kevL_s…!!
(I’ve found your stuff quite intriguing too…)

i hadn’t found Skywing’s Client Extension yet …Ty.

TonyK Ai is clearly a must. (Noting Jaspers Ai too.)
Perhaps one is better for some things than the other…
Can I run both at the same time?
What about herds and flocking behaviours?..Also the distinction between herbivores and predators…

Kamals creatures compilation is very high on my list too…
but I don’t know if it contains, or adds to, rjshaes’ Menagerie v101 …
I noted Jude’s Creature Pack 1 but tinting is apparently an issue…
(Trying to avoid bloat)
But a duplicate file checker for Nwn2?..Nice…Clearly a must have…TY ! (program named?)

Xaltar’s excellent work is also a given imo (but how many heads are possible in Nwn2?)
Heads and hairs are cool but I would like to avoid all the tinting issues until I get my bearings straight.

Rjshaes’ SciFi Pack is also on my list…

I found the hi rez skyboxes and i am examining them closely having wrestled with Nwn skyboxes
But back to basics…
Jester’s nudes or Necrolord or other?
I comprehend the tinting sleeve/neck issues and would like to select the most homogenous one from the community. (Pros or cons?)
(Both M and F) But how to avoid overwrite and other 2da conflicts?

Then there are the armour/clothing sets…realism above all but chainmail bikinis are de rigour and some lingerie would be nice…but what about slavers? dancers? Formal attire, robes, exotic etc…etc…
Is Aleanne the go to…?

About the flora…
Upgrading the trees, grass, and water (Shrubbery, flowers, fields ?)
Tree textures Overhaul by Ovocean 2015 ?

I found the hi rez skyboxes and i am examining them closely having wrestled with Nwn skyboxes

There was also a list by mindrider and his favorite Nwn2 configuration
Are there other listings like that?

Quickly the listings become involved and profound…
Can’t folks just zip their, often huge, multiple downloads into a “full complete” single download or is this a feature for their download counts?

I noted the whole game’s re bump mapped textures (with uhd) but can’t just recall the author…
Quite a few downloads required to gather the whole package…

It’s difficult to perceive that which is most basic and standard when folks have multiple versions and no update guide on their cover sheets

Placeables are problematic. Clearly all of them are required. But how to identify new ones versus game overwrites and depreciated models… and avoid 2da conflicts?

The UI is troublesome too…But is Heeds UI the only other choice?

Perhaps there is a compendium of these things listed and annotated (?)
This where a top down overview would be very helpful

Just trying to keep it simple…
Thanks in advance…

very unlikely they can be used together. Tony’s Ai is an established and ongoing effort at present, so I’d chose that one.

I think that’s for builders rather than players. Some of the mods you mention would have an effect only if you ‘build’ them into a module/campaign. Otherwise they’re just bloat … (unless you do a bunch of behind-the-scenes tinkering to implement them – but then you’re ‘building’ …)

I think Xaltar’s work can be setup to replace standard heads etc. (as opposed to building with them – I think his stuff can be used either way).

idk. Google “duplicate file checker” and just pick one …

again, that’s probably for builders.

Jester’s stuff is pretty cool, his mods popped into my head earlier but didn’t mention.

setting up models etc is not my forte

yeh there are mods that bring out textures but i can’t name them offhand … (though I play with a couple) … again, unless you’re going to build, make sure they replace/override standard/stock files (or else you’re never going to see them)

Tchos’ UI is very well liked.

I don’t believe there’s any comprehensive guide. It’s pretty much make yer own spaghetti sauce …

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Brilliant ! Ty…

I comprehend the distinction between player and builder that you have illuminated.
The day will soon come when I shall attempt to build and will then need the various other files mentioned.
I have as yet only a rudimentary understanding of the many functions of the toolset.
I look forward to that day…
However, my intent is first to focus upon just the play side of it, and make that experience as good as I can…
The Nwn2 terminology is a minor stumbling block but I will get the hang of it quickly now…

The objective is to find the replacing/override standard/stock files as I can, especially if they are properly annotated by their respective authors. Does the vault clearly note this distinction ? (idk)

Tchos UI ? I shall go find it on the vault

I presume there are no in game editors for Nwn2 (appearances or clothing)

No comprehensive guide…even after all these years? That is disheartening…
…Hmmm. while I do like pasta, I am more a fan of alfredo sauces.
One day perhaps there will be more culinary choices…

So that leaves me to re ask the community for player side augmentations of the Nwn2 campaigns.
(Which, where, why, and by whom)

Textural improvements that don’t crash the game
Model compilations that override/replace original game assets
Visual Fx
Skyboxes (working on them now)
Ai (simple choice…Done)
Ui improvement (pending review)

Any input or direction to resource is welcomed.


(as an aside…
A stable, comprehensive building configuration for an open ended community sandbox mod are quite intriguing to me. Where can I find good accounts and listings for the Nwn2 technical limitations of this game & engine?)

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your personal time, effort, and frustrations … and this forum

Start here - Ultimate Mod Pack for NWN2 OC? | The Neverwinter Vault

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Good stuff then, I will not hesitate…


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TY !!

Just the kind of references I need to sink my teeth into…perfect !!

My Facelift mods can be used together, if you plan to use both you will want to install the original mod (2012) and then my new mod over the top. Be sure to use my non-replacing human female heads from the new mod so you don’t end up with conflicts. The Orcs from my new mod replace the originals so there shouldn’t be any conflicts there. NPCs are as per your preference. After I released the human female heads for my new mod I decided to tackle the races not done in my previous mod first, that way the sum of both mods cover more races while I continue to work on the new one.

I also have an armor facelift mod up, so far just Warlock armor (leather 06), Scale 02, Chain 05 and a replacement for the skull pauldrons that is a bit more realistic.

The maximum number of heads is 254 so you have a fair bit of breathing room. My non replacing human female heads occupy 221 - 226. The NPC heads won’t conflict with anything as they are N_ heads and not accessible via character creation. I think hair is likewise limited to 254.

I am not all that familiar with other aspects of the game, my focus has always been on the 3d asset side of things.

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Master Xaltar…
Thank you for your input and clarity.

The look of the heads and armour/clothing is crucial to the immersive enjoyment of the game.
The level of painstaking detail that you, and others, rise to is very much appreciated by the players.

Furthermore, the artistic qualities of the greater community, extant over decades, remains outstanding.
I include the development of scripting and related software as a “poetic art”.

Although I have followed the evolution of Nwn2 since the beginning it has been a bit overwhelming with technical nuance and I have found the documentation of certain details to be sporadic at best.
The rjshae compilation (noted by GCoyote, above) is a very good step towards addressing the basics.

That said, your work(s) have been very influential in my choice to re-visit Nwn2 milieu.

Others, who may yet discover/create more assets that improve the original Nwn2 gameplay…

Please feel free to annotate this thread with any salient details…