Trying to edit an existing item

I’m finally getting around to updating the Verbobonc server and am having an issue with the editor.

I’m running the new enhanced edition if that makes a difference, but here’s what I’m trying to do:

The mod opens in the toolset just fine.

I have an item in the game that I want to make stackable, and change the weight. Both of those fields are grayed when I try to edit it. Are these set and unchangeable. Having to do a global search/replace would suck if that’s what it comes to.


Stackableness and weight are tied to the base item type. You could try modifying baseitems.2da.

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Thanks. That’s helpful.

Unfortunately, the item I’m looking for isn’t in the baseitems.2da file. I’ve looked through some of the others (like placeable.2da) and didn’t find it or the base resref.

Any idea where custom items (it’s a goblin ear that’s listed in the plot items in the toolset)?

Thanks again.

What does it say in the field marked red here, for that item?

Baseitemtype isn’t the same thing as ResRef; one is for identifying a blueprint, to spawn it by, and the other is a value set on the blueprint, which refers to a line in baseitems.2da. The display name here depends on the entry in baseitems.2da, though, so it’s not something you can see at a glance.

If it’s saying “Miscellaneous Small”, like this one is, then look for the baseitems.2da row that contains the string miscsmall. If it’s the default, unedited baseitems.2da, it should be on row 24.

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Ok. I was looking for the wrong thing.

That did it. If I edit the weight and stackable count there, do I have to recompile the whole mod to get it to take effect? (FWIW, all of the .2da files where in a zip file in the root NWN directory.)

Thanks. I would have never found that just looking.

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You don’t need to recompile, because 2da files simply contain data which loads at run time.

Just be aware that every item of that base item type will be affected in the same way (unless you create a new base item type for that item, which might be preferable).