Trying to enter a locked door

On an old mod, no longer supported by author. Trying to locate a required key. Is there any place I should check in toolset for this, to try and find where it might be in game ?

thank you !!

If you haven’t already, open the door area in the toolset to discover the key tag.

Find the key in the item palette to the right. It might be in Plot items, but the author can put it anywhere. Keys will be listed by name, so browse with the preview window open until you see the tag. Make a note of the resref.

Open the key item in the editor then Update Instances in all areas. This will tell you which area the key is in (if any). Examine the inventories of containers & creatures in that area.

If the key is not in any area, open any script. Search all scripts in the module for the resref. That will find the script that creates the key.

If all else fails, use the console command

##dm_spawnitem resref

Sounds good…thank you very much !! :grinning: