Trying to locate 'Epic Level Spell Scaling System'

…or something like that, can’t quite remember the title. A few years ago - maybe more than a few, as this may well have been on the old vault - I found a fun modification that scaled up the power of all the spells, all the way to caster level 40, making even Magic Missile and Acid Arrow pack a significant punch with enough investment. It was damn unbalanced, but kind of fun and refreshing to play around with. Does anyone have any recollection of such an override or its author? I can’t for the life of me find it again, and I’m a little bummed.

Was it this one?

I can’t open the link

Oh, thanks so much!

Oop, can’t download it, “550 Failed to change directory”. Ah well

Edit 2: Gotcha. Thanks again

You can download files here:

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