Trying to recall a module referncing The Godfather

I’m trying recall a module probably downloaded from the previous incarnation of the NWN vault, that was probably for NWN1 (I didn’t play many modules for NWN2 because until 2018 & 2020 it didn’t run very well on my system, but it’s possible this was one of those).

In the game you were given a mission to infiltrate the bad guy’s stronghold and you had to bring down its protection by either killing a wizard or smashing a wardstone.

Of course, when you get there, the wizard is guarding the wardstone and you can either fight him or talk him into letting you smash the wardstone.
One of the dialog choices was clearly inspired by The Godfather movie(s).
In it you can say something along the lines of “By the time I leave this room, I’m either smashing that wardstone or your skull.”

While if your DM was named Corleone or (Luca) Brasi he might think that was a Diplomacy check, I’m pretty sure it was an Intimidate check.

Anyways, does anybody recall what module that little shout out to The Godfather was found in? It’s been years and a HD crash since I played it. Not to mention moving on from a Vista/7 dual-boot computer to a Win10 computer.

For what it’s worth, there is no Diplomacy check in NWN, only Persuade. “Diplomacy” is a NWN2 term. But I guess that doesn’t really help? :sweat_smile: