Tupilak updated to 1.06

Finally squashed an irritating visual bug causing rifles, pistols and ammo to have broken inventory icons (showing arrows or tops of crossbows etc.)
For the techically interested: It was caused by an optional CEP hak (cep2_add_reforge.hak) that overrides D20 item icons. Removing the hak from the module is enough.

Also fixed a bug that could crash the game if you saved/reloaded after having played a minigame.
For the techically interested: CreateArea seems to still not like single-player games where the player might save/reload etc. Instead of creating a new area (and destroying the old), I clean up the areas after each attempt to beat a mini-game. Still not recommended to save while you are playing a mini-game, but at least now you can just restart the mini-game for another try…

Minor story/conversation changes, spelling errors etc. also.

Updated here and Steam Workshop.