Turn a companion hostile

Hi all. Which scripts would I need to run (from convo) in order for a companion to be removed from the party, removed from the roster and turn hostile? I tried the following with no good results

ga_roster_party_remove(…) + set a global int to remove a companion from the met companions (details about that on the guide I wrote with ColorsFade.


ga_faction_join(…) with $HOSTILE as parameter.

All this has the following result. The companion disappears and when I go back to the hangout the companion is not in the roster anymore. So I guess one part is succesfull. However, the companion should stay for combat as well. I could succeed the result with tricks like a copy of the blueprint etc, but I thought it would be nice to fight a companion with the gear and everything he currently has.

Any ideas?

Quick reply. Possible fix on my part. I just looked how they did it in the OC before the last battle. They set


together with


about to test if that’s all that’s needed.

False alarm :). I overlooked that RemoveRosterMemberFromParty has a default parameter for despawning set to TRUE. Changing this to FALSE did the trick.