Tutorial on porting models to NWNEE

So, I am crazy and want to try making some placeables for NWN. Maybe even some creatures.
Are there tutorials/instructions? I already set up neverblender.

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Not as many as for pre-Blender-times, but yep. :smiley: Read through these, then shout if you run into trouble:


Thanks, are you saying that I should not use Blender?
I wonder if there is a tutorial specific for “attaching” a model to an existing animation set?

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No, definitely go with Blender. Blender is awesome. :smiley: I meant to say, “Yes, we have tutorials/instructions for that, but not as many for Blender yet as for 3dsmax/gmax”.

Yep. Read through BlackRider’s creature rigging one for that. :smiley:

Oh, I thought it would be Aribeth’s, thanks again.

Gosh, that’s a lot to read.

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For gMax there is this tutorial originally written by RandomDays for the Plush Hyena of Doom and originally posted on one of the 2 EA/Bioware sites that we used to be on. It seems to be pretty thorough and is entirely about porting stuff into NwN.

There are a couple of other interesting tutorials on there as well.