Tutorials or Info on Animated Foliage Placeables

Wondering if anyone has experience with animating, but more specific, animating placeables like foliage or trees that move with the in game wind. I am going to be creating some bushes and trees and wanted to make them all animated.

I’ve heard of something called DanglyMeshes and using Tightness values (heard 50 is good for grass, bushes and trees) but not sure how to utilize them for use with placeables or foliage. I also need info on making textures transparent for say branches, grass, etc. I know it probably invokes the use of alphas, but I’m more experienced with Unreal Engine when it comes to making textures transparent, not NWN or the Aurora Toolset.

Any bit of info, links, pictures, documentation or examples is, as always, greatly appreciated. :smile:

I currently utilize 3DS Max and NWMax+ for all my modeling needs.

Anybody have any info? :frowning:

Transparency: Yes, you need to attach an ALPHA-map to the texture. So create a seperate grayscale version. There are, of course, programs, which can save them (= the texture and the ALPHA map) together, but I got into the habbit of using this tool to attach an ALPHA to an image:
→ For this tool, the ALPHA needs to be saved as BMP. As output I choose TGA. It also has a pieview-option.

DanglyMeshes/AuroraFlex: Here is a link to a collection of some nice tutorials:

And here the direct link (tutorial by @Bannor):

Here is one for Blender, but technically it’s the same direction as with (G)Max = assigning the verts a certain value (and the according modifier):

→ Export a eg. a flag with the NWN-Explorer and import it into your tool (Max, …) to check dangly-settings.

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Thank you very much! I will try this out and update how it went. I know that when I model things for the older Unreal Engines like 2 and 2.5 they required a TGA file with alpha under the channels section and you would use a black and white mask as the alpha then save it out as 32 bit TGA so the engine would read it as a partial transparent texture. I’m guessing that is the same idea for NWN then. I will try that program vs what I do in photoshop usually. This will be great if this works as I will make a ton of new foliage placeables that move for the community. :slight_smile: