can any one help me with the room of light in twilight ? I cant open the read me file, cant find any help on line

The walkthrough is in .htm format so you can open it in your browser.

In case that doesn’t work


thank you !!!

any thing else…tried 100 times and cant do it !!

Well, the maze did’t work for me properly too.

Hopefully you are familiar with the cheat menu. Jump the character in Question to the end of the maze.

its not a maze . you have to move through the room of light while also moving a henchman
to light all the brazier in the room , that unlocks the door.
tried cheats to "kill " the door and move to the other side doesn’t work ???

Uhm, it’s a long time ago. But you can not kill something (a door) which doesn’t live … Still thinking that jump a character to avoid obstacles should work. It’s in the “.”-menu.

However, whats the name of the area?