Typical beginner problems

Hello guys, I’m new here so I want to say hello to all of you :slight_smile:
I need your help witch some toolset aspect. I spent hundreds of hours in Aurora, but now it’s time to try her younger brother :slight_smile: At the beggining I want to find additional community contet founded at nexus and neverwintervault but as you may know I have a problems. There is a huge amount of cool stuff that I want use and I thought it would be great experince to merge them alltogether before I start build my module.

  1. For example. I have downloaded this:
    How can I use it in toolset? I extract it to override folder, start toolset, create new area, create new item, choose Base Item (Helmet). In Model Part 1,2,3 i see many additional numbers but whatever I choose preview doesn’t show anything. I know that preview option in Electron has na issue with previeiwing but in module when i try to put on the new helmet it looks every time the same (independently which model part I choose). Is there any plugin that previews items? Or mayby I do something wrong?
  2. Second things is when I have two sets of additional heads and both set has the same name of model (for example P_EDM_Head225) what should I do if I want to use both of them (one of the overwrite the other one and only one of them can be used). Do I need special 3rd party app to change the name of one of them?

I would be grateful for any kind of help.
PS: I hope my english is undertadable :wink:

I can answer the second question at least. Use MDB Cloner to re-number one of the heads:


For the first question I might suggest this:

Create a new creature blueprint. I use the plugin Creature Creator Wizard for that:
Then go to Properties of the character you’ve created and find Armor Set. There you can scroll through your new helmets, or every helmet there is for the game for that matter. Then under Helm Type check what number it has and in which category (type) you find the look of your helmet. Then when you make the item, go to Properties/Armor and Helm. Under Helm you can see ArmorVariation and ArmorVisualType. Choose the number and the type to get the look of the helmet you want.

It’s been a while since I did a helmet item, so I hope this is the correct way to do it. I hope this helps.

By the way, I also recommend you install PowerBar for the toolset:

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to change a helmet’s model you have to switch to the armor set tab. there you can change the main type and the main variation. the preview tab won’t show the model. helmets, chest armor, gloves, belts, cloaks and boots can be changed and will show only in the amor set.

i strongly advice to read through rjshae’s toolset guide. it’s the best source for nwn2’s toolset out there.

Thanks guys for your respond, I knew this is the right place to ask for an advice :wink:

MBD Cloner will do the job, thanks!

I dont knkow why but some of plugins does’t work for me. There is an error when toolsets starts. Treerandomizer and powerbar doesn’t work.

Yes, I already downloaded rjsae’s toolset guide, I will deffinetly read it.
But I don’t get one more things. At the helmetpack that I posted above there are over 100 new helmet apperiance. I extract it to override folder and open toolset. Create new item blueprint, set base item on Helmet and Armor type on Cloth. I see those additional model type in Model Part 1,2,3 but as I mention before nothings happens when I change the numbers. I go to the Armor Set wher I can choose Main Type and Main Variation. But the main type and the main variation numbers are the same as if I open toolset with empty override folder. So there are no additional main variation.
In the description author says the helmets are in the “BG” category, but I can’t find that anywhere. Mabey this is important?

the upload did not include an edited armorvisualdata.2da nor the information that you need to edit this file to get custom model prefixes (like in the case of “bg” in the naming convention of the helmet models) to the toolset / game. you have to browse to you nwn2’s installation folder, open the data folder and the extract armorvisualdata.2da from the 2da.zip. open it with a 2da editor, excel, open office or text editor and include an additional line containing the following info. you can change “Baldurs” to anything you like. that’s the type’s name within the armor set tab. save and copy the 2da to your override and restart the toolset. now the new category should appear.


Yep, this was very helpfull but I have another problem. I created 2 helmets using this BG category. I see them in toolset i Armor Set tab, but when I run the game both of them are simple hat with a feather (propably standard apperiance). Even the tint aren’t the same I choose in toolset. I don’t get it.

make sure you don’t have a duplicate armorvisualdata.2da in your override. also make sure that you saved your module before testing, just in case. how did you create your item to test the model ingame? did you place an original blueprint in the area and edited that instance, or did you create a new blueprint for your module and edited that directly, placing it afterwards?

Yes I have only one armorvisualdata.2da file in override folder and always save the module before test.
It doesn’t matter if I create a new blueprint, edit it and then place it at an area or first place already existed blueprint and edit it after it. The resault is the same. It always look like a simple gray hat with feather.
But…I have downloaded other pack of helmet (dwarvenstone something). Did everything the same as with BG sets and it works fine, I see every main type in toolset and in the game.
Thes BG set is huge thats why I really want to have it.

i really don’t know what’s causing this on your end. after creating the armorvisualdata.2da those helmets show up in the toolset and ingame. did you test with an empty override folder (empty besides the helmet models and .2da you created)?

could you describe in detail and step by step what you do?

Yes, shure I can.
Create new Override folder with armorvisualdata.2da (edited with additional line like you said above) and BG folder (it contains only .dds. and .mbd files) only…
I run toolset, create new exterior area, create new item blueprint. I change base item from short sword to helmet. I reopen properities of this item (just to activate armor set tab). Then I change main type to Baldurs and main variation to 134. I create 2 diffrent helmet with different main variation. i see all of them in armor set preview window. Sometimes i need to reopen properities to see the changes in look after I change the main variation number. Then I put those three halmets near staring location. Bake an area and save module. Run the module. Pick up those helmet a put in on my hero head. All of them looks the same.

does something change if you right click an already existing helmet to copy blueprint > module, instead of creating a totally new one?

No changes, unfotunettly… This is strange because I can easly use other halmpack made by this autor ( Dwarven Stone Helmets Collection). I will post to the author, maybe he will have some advice?
Do I need to put my files in My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2 Comlete/Override or may I keep them in my folder of Neverwinter at disc D:??

while it works both ways it’s generally not advised to use the override folder in the game installation path. put everything to “my documents”. further details can be found here.

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