Tyrants of the Moonsea (EE) Help needed (Answered)

I am trying to unlock a door that has a 4 character combination (2 digits and 2 alpha). The only clue I can see is some rune symbols on the floor. Unfortunately I have no idea what the runes mean. The door is in Thentia: Firefingers’ Tower.

Can anyone help? Either decode the runes or tell me the answer.

Here is snapshot of the room…

Many thanks for any help or suggestions.

Changed image to include entire area as suggested by @JFK

As I recall, you need to look at a slightly bigger picture. But I don’t remember for sure. Get a shot of the whole area.


@JFK, thanks for responding. I have edited the original post with the bigger picture.

I know the answer, but I hate to spoil it for you. I can’t remember how I solved it before though… is there a book somewhere that relates those runes to letters and numbers?

I can PM you the answer if you want…


Thanks @JFK. I cheated to find the code (opened the module in the toolset) - it was driving me crazy :slight_smile:

If you remember how you worked it out, I would be interested, otherwise I’m good.

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I found the logic posted elsewhere and now I understand how to work it out. The note you find is the clue.

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