UI mods

I think I already know the answer to this, but mods that use an .XML file and say I should put said file in the mydocuments/nwn2/ui folder, does it make a difference if I do it in the Override folder instead?

no but beware of duplicates

one of them will take priority ( override i think )

ps. Campaign folder is another handy place …

Actually, I think one or two XML files may require being placed in the UI folder. I am not at the pc at the moment, but some core XML may need specific UI folder placement.

I say this because I would have placed my specific few that are there elsewhere if I could have done.

EDIT: See updated post below: Basically, Override may work, but Campaign folder may not work for a specific few.

Cheers, Lance.

Define core.

Hi R-Mod,

Having done a quick test, I think it may be only the core game loading images on loading that may be affected (not work) if they are placed inside the Campaign folder. (Override appears OK on initial test though.) UPDATE: When I moved the content of my UI folder to the Campaign Folder, however, it CRASHES my module when I try to use some UI interfaces.

It has been a very long time since I checked my own UI files, but your post has encouraged me to double check any that I can move elsewhere.

On initial testing, the XML do appear to work OK from the Override, but the ones I thought may have been there for a reason are: fontfamily, stylesheet and loading_module2. I have not tested thoroughly though yet, but will do over the coming days to see if I can move them as well. (These XML and the loading images do NOT work from the campaign folder though.)

Thanks, Lance.

Well, the ones I’m using only affect the party bar and hotbar.

Hi R-Mod,

Party Bar and Hotbar are fine. I have both modified versions of those in my campaign folder.

However, see my post above regarding those others I mention. When I tried those in my campaign folder, it crashed the game. i.e. There are some UI that may require being in the Custom UI as explained, but are normally to do with the types of XML I mention, where they affect other aspects of XML or affect the loading of a module. (They may work in the Override, but I would advise against that if the module builder advises they be placed in the Custom UI, even if it is to help ensure no double up as KevL pointed out.)

Cheers, Lance.