UMD modification


So who else finds it bizarre that UMD is modified by Charisma and not Intelligence or even Wisdom? Because being sociable means I can use a wand or scroll better.


It’s always made sense to me. You’re adding a ‘layer’ of personality and self over your true self to fool a non-sapient construction into believing you’re different than you are. That’s a Charisma modification. About the only place a different one might be appropriate would be casting from scrolls.


Even then you’d be overcoming the “magic” within them that means they only work for a particular race or class. The concept would be strange outside a DnD environment yes, but the whole idea of “pretending to be something you aren’t” though while you are it does seem to fit very well into Charisma.


… That sounds more like Illusion magic.


What is that, like rewriting the psyche? What kind of black magic is that??


It is a D&D oddity. UMD is just a minor symptom of it. A larger one would be how sorcerers use charisma to perform magic.

Willpower is oddly split between wisdom and charisma. The charisma side of it is force of personality, for lack of a better term.


It’s 'cause magic has feelings yanno, and the more Charismatic a being the better they can make the magic feel. :wink:


I always found it an odd skill anyway. I’m glad it doesn’t exist in 5e and when I was still playing older versions I just went with it. Never gave it much thought.


Hard to define what force of personality is sometimes, honestly. And I think Sorcerers just use emotional power to cast their spells or something.




The skill itself basically represents your resourcefulness and creativity when it comes to foreign objects and items. Hard to explain, but very useful at high points.