Unable to Run My Scripts


So far, I haven’t given him anything and I only take him on missions that he is required to go on. I was just thinking about future games. And the thought came to mind, since he’s not my favorite companion, that I wouldn’t even have to talk to him. I haven’t even given him back his knife, since the game doesn’t have any response to it anyway. Plus, I enjoy writing scripts. But the way I am doing it now is probably a lot easier.


I’m with you on that. I don’t use him(Bishop) unless required.


Maybe, I should write a script to give back his knife. It would assign me a bunch of XP, change my influence to Bishop to be more positive, not that it matters, and change his alignment towards good. That would probably piss him off!


I have used your idea and so far it is working great. I thought I would need to ask you some questions, but so far your explanation has been excellent and I have had no problems!

I am passing strings instead of using case/switch because it makes it much easier for me to see what i am doing. This dialog file and the castallitems.nss files are getting pretty large. Plus, this way it is easier for me to add new items into the mix. I have almost finished, probably another day or two. I don’t work on it too long and I keep coming up with new ideas. I just added Return entries to each of the main node’s branches and an Exit on the main node.

Anyway, I thought I would keep you posted.


if the script is getting too large, section similar operations out to different scripts. Eg a script for equipping/unequipping, another for misc utilities, etc.


I only have to add Melee Weapons now, so that shouldn’t take up much room. I’m getting to know where I am in the file. Thanks for the advice though, I may need it someday!