Unable to see old save games [workaround found]

I copied my old save games from NWN into the Documents/Neverwinter Nights/saves folder. I started a new game and saved that and verified that that is the correct folder for saved games. However, when I run the game and try to load a saved game only the new save game I created with EE shows up in the list, and none of the older ones appear. I thought EE is supposed to be backwards compatible. Did I miss something?

I don’t know if anyone else experienced this, but this is the fix I found.

I started a new game with NWN:EE and saved it (this creates a folder for the saved game within the saves folder). I then opened up the saves folder and duplicated the saved game folder that had been created. I then renamed that new duplicate to have the same name as one of my 2005 saved game folders. And then finally I deleted the content from the new folder and copied into it the content from the same named 2005 old saved game folder. I then repeated these steps 26 times for all of my other saved games. It took a few minutes but now when I start NWN:EE and select load game all of my old saved games appear and can be selected.