A little late but here is the promo for my latest release. This is the conversion of @rjshae’s decals (link on project page) to NwN EE placeables. Why placeables? As far as I know EE doesn’t support decals as such. While it might have been possible to use a vfx to do so, that is above my pay grade (i.e. I wouldn’t know how). So I went with placeables which I do, more or less, know about.

This hak contains 30 HD PBR mapped placeables. I must congratulate @rjshae for the quality of their original images. I have not seen such convincing 3D on planes (after I created the PBR maps) before. Look at the final 3 images on the project page and notice the shadows generated on the very large hole in the wall.

That said, not all was plain sailing. I was originally going to use *.tga for the maps (converted from the original *.dds). Everything was going fine until I noticed that while in blender they looked fine, in game most of the textures were flipped vertically. I say most because those that were 1024 pixels wide seemed to be unaffected. The rest were including those that were 1024 pixels tall. After a lot of experimenting I finally got them all to work as NwN EE *.dds (the original images had a different compression level). I still have no idea what caused the original glitch because after checking other projects of mine that use planes, none of them were affected.

So there you have it. Find UnDecals here.