Under the Moonlight.- needs a download fix

Under The Moonlight MP and SP versions both use a .exe installer tool which cannot find the Steam EE version of NWN and thus will not install.


Any chance a Mod could create a .7zip version or if I can upload the files to you somehow?

Have fun :slight_smile:

.exe version of modules can be change to .rar or zip by renaming the extension name. I just tested the module by changing it extension to rar and opened find and tested the module. This use be a old trick and I wondered if it still worked. You have to have show extension enabled on your operating system. In windows 7 (It under folder options / view / un-click hide extensions for known file types )

I never knew that. Thanks for the education :slight_smile:

(@Mods: It still would be easier for those who aren’t familiar with the vault, or reading comments maybe, to have a version that looked more familiar. I know about renaming .nvm to .mod or .mp3 to .bmu, but that didn’t occur to me as a fix. My group would have been unable to play if the installer hadn’t found my GoG version.)

Have fun :slight_smile:

An even easier method is to open the .exe container with 7zip or WinRAR.

No need to rename.

Or you can use NIT, which handles exe files.