Undulating Lanscapes

Does anyone know how I can modify the NWN1 toolset so that I can create more realistic landscapes out of the rural tileset? What haks, mods, or tools are available, if any, to do this?

I seem to remember many years ago that there was a hak or tool that modified the game editor so that builders could create undulating landscapes out of the rural tileset (instead of being restricted to linear tile formations).

NWN2 uses tilesets for interiors but a different (sorta sculpting?) method for exteriors. NWN1 never made this change.

Personally I continue to prefer NWN1’s approach. NWN2 is more powerful in a lot of ways, but it also takes a lot longer to make an area. I prefer work to go into tileset creation, and for that to allow builders to quickly make areas.

You can do some pretty fancy landscapes with tilesets like Sen’s Terria (modded by PHoD):


Merricksdad and a couple other folks have experimented along these lines too.

Note that the NWN1 edgetiles don’t work with the extra elevation level options though. Tonden has requested better support for these in NWN Enhanced, and BeamDog has a trello card you can vote for, if desired, to support the idea:


I agree that the NWN2 toolset is more powerful but takes much more time to create exterior areas than the toolset in NWN1. Nevertheless, I’d like the option to be able to sculpt some areas.

Back in 2004-2005 I remember being able to sculpt rural landscapes using the NWN1 toolset, but I cannot remember how that was made possible. I know it was not a function built into the original NWN1 editor, so it had to have been modified somehow. Someone figured out how to make it possible to sculpt exterior landscapes, but I cannot remember how it was done or find anything on the vault that makes it possible.

Does anybody else remember being able to sculpt areas in NWN1? If so, do you know what tool, hak, or modification to the toolset made that possible?

Just read your post. That’s exactly the type of thing I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the info!

As far as I know you have never been able to sculpt the tilesets simply because they use tiles. However you can do some fancy stuff with the right tilesets. Have a look at Lord of Worms Seasonal Forest V10 and Sen’s Trinity tilesets based off of SF.

Take a look at the pictures on those project pages and you’ll realise why SF is a 170mb download and trinity is 200mb.


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You may be remembering Tileset Slicer (or whatever it was/is called): This allows a person to sculpt (create) organic slopes and undulations as a single mesh in Max, and then it slices it into tiles. Using that, you can make any smooth shape for an area, and convert it to tiles to use in NWN. Someone more knowledgeable on this (that’d be almost anyone, really) can correct what I have wrong, please.
In fact, for quite some time I considered using NWN2 to create an area, and then to try to get that into Max and slice it into tiles for NWN1. Never did try it though…


CEP Rural has such option. Also, as was mentioned above, there are other tilesets that can give you village/rural feel. Best ones for me are Medieval rural and medieval city. If you go after crops n the area, you can add them as placeables, which is more realistic looking then any tileset. You can also explore other tilesets. Some of them have that “edge” tile which makes natural looking slope, as is the case with CEP rural.

Also, I like NWN2 toolset approach for exterior areas better. You can do whatever you like, instead having to discover which combination of tiles work together. Sometimes you just don’t have enough space in the area to put the tiles you would like, and you have to compensate with placeables.