Unidentified item

Is it possible to have an item that’s unidentified (and that’s not automatically identifiable even if you have a high lore skill) and that gets identified when you examine it (whatever the lore skill is).

You see, I have a quest where I want the PC to examine an object and when it is examined it is identified. I hope that makes sense. The thing is, I want the item to have a different color when it’s identified/examined than when it’s not. I guess I could fix this by having two custom objects with two different icons, but I would rather it would work this way…if it’s possible, of course.

EDIT: I mean, I guess it should be possible to do a script like i_item_ac and on that activate script I do the function SetIdentified, but to be able to have an item that’s almost impossible to identify it must have a great value, right? But I don’t want the player to be able to sell this particular item for thousands of gold.

EDIT2: I guess you can’t activate the item if it’s not identified, right?

EDIT3: Ah, forget about it. I think I’ll solve this in some other way. It will probably be easier.

Have an object identifying conversation when they find it that’ll solve the whole lot, make it plot so they can’t sell it and then make it sell able to one trader and then destroy it from the inventory.

Speculation: I think item identification via a lore skill check is based on the item cost, so possibly you could modify, say, iprp_weightcost.2da (or iprp_weightinc.2da?), and add an entry for 100% that adds a ludicrously high Cost/Value. Making it a plot item would eliminate the ability to sell it.

This would need some experimentation, obviously.


As rjshae says, identification is based upon a LORE check versus the value of an item.

OK, I double checked what I thought was the case about something esle, and that was wrong. So … you could just up the value of the item.

If I recall correctly now, it was the fact that if you make it plot, that makes it appear without value and hence identifiable. So you would not be able to make it plot … I think … even if you manually up its value.EDIT: Just read your post edit, so ignore this.

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Untested: maybe you could make the description of the item when it’s unidentified the same as when it’s identified (so even if the PC succeeds in identifying it, the description will remain unchanged).
Then the OnActivate script for this item will have a SetDescription(oItem, sDescription); line to change its description.

To prevent it from being sold (at least as long as it remains unidentified), I think the OnUnacquired event can be used to cancel any sale.


Thanks for all the answers, but as I said under “EDIT3” I have moved on to a totally different solution that suited the situation better. So I have abandoned this whole thought with the identification thing.