Unlimited ammo

Is it possible to create new types in iprp_ammocost 2da?

I just want to try adding acid and sonic type.

Found this;

but I dont think its compatible with gog install and TCC reboot.

apparently yes.

Vandervecken has been adding elemental ammos to the Reboot incl/ Unlimited acid (it hasn’t been packaged to the Vault yet tho.)

ooer I already added some fancy recipes into the tcc here, dont really feel like starting all over… so I’ll just try adding on my own and see how it goes

whoops apparently its harder than I thought… it says soak 5 damage…

ok nvm the text,

works for arrow & bolts, but gives invalid for bullets?

iprp_ammocost 2da
Name Label Cost Arrow Bolt Bullet
16 1646 1d6Acid 4 NW_WAMMAR003 NW_WAMMBO099 X2_WAMMBU099

the bullet blueprint is causing an error? Yes it is non existent. Should be N2_WAMMBU099

To follow up here - I decided to add the Acid arrow version but not Sonic arrow. Wanted to complete the elemental balance but felt there were balance issues around sonic arrows.

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