Untold Tales of Tolkien Series - Developments Thread

Just completed the final quest for UA act 2; the showdown with Khaev. Loved the scrap and the buildup around it. I think the difficulty is just right. Took Crispin and Ivan with me whilst leaving Faenwen and Lyndsay to tend to the stricken Eroder. We certainly weren’t setup to be optimal for the encounter, had to keep moving Ivan as Khaev really didn’t like him! A good taunt from Crispin never failed to get his attention back though.

I’ve made some notes concerning blocked camera shots along with positioning of both Khaev and party at certain points where there is a break in the combat. Need to get people into their correct positions more reliably so it doesn’t look silly and that the camera is not blocked - which also happened in your LP @travus, depriving us of watching Khaev burn alive :frowning:

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Nearing the end of UA now. Plenty of work ahead which I expect will take a few months to complete, as I will be making a start on the final campaign at the same time.

With the continuity question between UA and the final campaign solved, I have now been able to start writing significant drafts of opening narrative, area details, etc. Some of this was a simple adaptation of existing plans and content from previous efforts. However, the immediate opening hour or so of the next story is completely different to previous plans, owing to the UA ending change.

The final campaign will be very heavy on exterior exploration. It will use some less seen environment types as well as some very unusual ones.

The IP update/re-release is coming very soon. I’m holding back on release whilst @travus works his magic on some final details.


My ranger will be overjoyed!
Good luck with the work.

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Consideration for classes like ranger did come into this, especially as I intend to utilise Faenwen more in the early part of the campaign. (Not really a big spoiler as she has been seen repeatedly in previous efforts). I have a bank of expansive exteriors waiting to be used and I plan to make quite a few more.

A number of these are going to be icy wastes/snow terrain. There isn’t a massive selection of snow placeables. Would anyone know off hand of any placeable packs that could add more? Nature props and show-covered objects especially.

EDIT: I found this which is a good start. Happy to learn of others though!


I have been refamiliarising myself with all the aspects of area creation and have produced what will be both the final area of UA and the first area of the next campaign. I’ll share some shots of this small but crucial area when im at my desktop.

My next target is the ending rewrite and the playable “teaser” using aforementioned area, which will bridge the 2 campaigns. Then we are ready to roll with a new adventure!

Still hopeful of IP releasing in a few days. Im gunning for the coming monday/tuesday, @travus success with some final bits pending!


I’m still working on IP. Sorry it’s taking a bit long. I ran into some issues in the Unlight caves that took me bit to figure out. Some spiders that were supposed to be friendly, weren’t. There were a few new spider blueprints that had the same ResRefs which was causing the problem. But it’s all fixed now.
There is quite a bit of minor issues I discovered too. I’m fixing everything as I go. Hopefully, I’ll be done in the next few days.
Ivan still has the air/animal domain bug. I put the packages.2da in the UI/custom folder and added a reset to a script to get him fixed again. Now he has the correct domain spells again.
The conjurer class is working very nicely. I’m glad you made magic items for them. Lot’s of fun!


Please take as long as you need my friend, it will be done when its done. I am free all of monday and tuesday, so drop me a line and we can crunch it!

Just a few items in IP. Will broaden this some more in UA. The medium BAB means I probably shouldnt go too crazy with conjurer items.

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As promised


Looks like a good spot for some trout fishing.


Whilst scribbling away, I was thinking over how to approach journals for the next campaign. IP was very basic; quick summary, do this thing. UA changed this; written from the POV of a companion as a retelling of the heros adventures, old entries of a category could be seen in italics so you can read the whole story, the basic objective of the quest or suggestion was given in bold.

How did any players find this? I’m happy with either but I did enjoy the UA style more.

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I rather enjoy the log book or diary style. They are more immersive than the simple to-do lists that some developers use. It also helps because I sometimes go on multi-week breaks (involuntary) from my games. When I return, a good journal helps me get my head back into the story.

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@travus, got a couple days of ample time now! If there’s anything you want to pass my way to look at, let me know.

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Finally done!

A lot of small fixes – Many fixes for xp awards to party. Some blueprint fixes as well. I made a custom script that updates the stores to the new Steel/High Steel arrows/quarrels so you don’t have to edit each one individually. I adjusted the gp value of the High Steel arrows/quarrels as they were super cheap compared to Steel. Also fixed the Staff of Power that cost only 1gp! The friendly spiders in the Unlight caves now have their own new blueprint as they shared ones with hostile spiders, which caused problems when creating creatures. I made a nice little drinking script that puts a temporary stein in the actors hand while they do the drink animation for cutscenes. Works great - Mostly used in Thorburn’s party scene. Esloden can now use a lute!

I’m thinking there is no other choice but to put the packages.2da into the Ui/custom folder. It’s the only way I could get Ivan to have his domain spells with a reset without putting it in the override folder.

Have you noticed the weird tips showing up on the load screens (UA2 Farm Home 2, UA2 Farm Home 3, and UA2 Farm Home 4)? Those are being caused by bad strings in the nwn2_tips.2da. If you remove the lines that have the following strings, I’m betting that will clear up that issue – 16777476, 16777477, and 16777478. Additionally, there are some duplicate lines in that 2da that should probably be removed.

The ‘rhunredmountainpreritual’ area has the wrong tile in position 8-10. It currently has a ‘2wall’ tile, but it needs to be ‘2wall one corner’. I didn’t fix that in this patch.

In the ‘celeduinbanks’ area, there is a huge resting zone that covers the entire east side of the river. I recommend that that rest zone be made a lot smaller as it was only working some of the time. I think because of its size it was sort of conflicting with the other rest zones in that area.

The Conjurer class worked great all the way through. Can’t complain about anything regarding that!


Thanks @travus!

Some really good changes in there. I discovered the load tips issue whilst playing UA. I’ll take a look at these along with the bad tile and resting zone. I need some sleep but I’ll get all of this wrapped up in the morning. Should be seeing IP updated on the vault shortly after!


Almost there.

It’s been a while - Is there a means of uploading these updated files to the original entry whilst also being able to somehow get the campaign to the top in terms of “look, this is new”?

Indanthrine Prince is updated and ready for new adventurers!

When I updated I noticed a checkbox asking if it was new. I cheekily ticked it, seeing as the update is substantial. Didn’t see the campaign in the news though. It’s not something I desperately need, but it would be nice to be able to make it clear there has been an update :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good to have IP back out there with lots of new stuff and countless issues resolved. That was quite a job and still the beastly UA to do the same with. Massive thanks to @travus and everyone who contributed.

Off to the Nexus next!


Probably the last update for the year…maybe…

Im pleased the updated edition of IP went out when it did. I’ve barely sat down at my desktop since releasing it; very busy work time for me, but its nearly over! I hope those who got a copy of IP are having fun. Feel free to share feedback here and on the vault page. Maybe a rating too? It all helps in reaching the campaign out to more players.

I’ve not been completely idle. Chapter 1 updates to UA are complete, most were very simple issues. There is still a mountain of stuff to work through, which I’ll chip away at whilst getting campaign 3 underway. I have done a lot of writing. Some pretty detailed plans for the opening story in place.

Thank you so much for your interest and support in these campaigns. I’ll be back with more soon. Have a merry christmas!


US: “You have lockdown?”

@travus, see post 40 on the vault entry re: not being able to rest in a resting zone trigger. I’ve had this issue before but unsure how it was resolved. At a guess something is keeping the character permanently set as not in a rest zone?

Possible installation problem? Playing the module without the campaign? Got an uneven number of downloads between them.

Just fired a fresh game up myself, resting works fine…

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I also dowloaded a fresh copy of the Definitive Edition - Resting appears to work fine.

Although, if I recall, during testing, I ran into an issue that if the rest zone is overly large and close to another rest zone, it would cause the resting to fail (i.e. you get the resting area message, but pressing R does nothing). We resolved that by making the large zone a lot smaller so they don’t conflict with each other. Maybe he ran into that issue somewhere? But, if that was the case, it doesn’t cause ALL the resting zones to fail.

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