Untold Tales of Tolkien Series - Developments Thread

We have hatching eggs again :slight_smile:

I redid some changes I wanted to make and that’s all working too.

So now we have your changes to ensure XP is distributed properly, the eggs now hatch a single spider rather than 2 (was excessive) and I’ve reduced the size of the text blob from the egg hatch as it was getting a bit spammy in the larger encounters. e.g. “Twitch”, “Crack”

I’m good at breaking things. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Latest patch with all the quests around Dale (mostly). The biggest fix is probably the issue in the Erebor Halls where visibility in a few hallways isn’t revealed unless you were at the very edge of the tile. Otherwise, it’s mostly minor fixes.
I’m really happy with the way the one-liners are evolving. It makes the companions have a life of their own, keeping the immersion going!
I forgot how fun the Mirkwoood areas are! I foolishly went in the Haradruin without silver weapons - My ass was promptly handed to me :slight_smile:


Marvelous work as always. I have finally got through with playtesting and tweaking IP. That’s 5 full run throughs done. I’ll be updating my UA copy with all your changes shortly before starting a game. Looking forward to seeing these one-liners in action!

I think the mirkwood mod has some of my best work in it. Something about it. You’re nearing chapter 3, something I’m dreading for my play through. Could you cast an extra critical eye on proceedings here? I think it needs work…

Big update on IP status coming later today.

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It’s time for a big update on where things stand.

The IP update is more or less finished. A few very minor things I’ve picked up are left to fix, but that should do it. The campaign has received a very significant update - well worth a revisit and maybe even a first try if you didn’t play it before, or if the lack of arcane spellcasting/multiclassing turned you off. I have included the current changelog at the end of this post for those curious and to illustrate just how much work has been done to IP. The log is a condensed version of what amounted to hundreds of instances of stuff that was changed. Huge thanks to @travus. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Expect this new version of IP to be out in December. Probably a couple of weeks, maybe more. But before the 25th. I’ll be covering the update on my YouTube channel in some small shape or form. The campaign will be available here on the vault and on Nexus mods.

I am now finally ready to delve into the sequel Umbral Abyss on a new voyage of re-discovery and horror. First job is to import the patches already made by @travus.

Campaign/Global Changes
- Indanthrine Prince mod converted to campaign
- UTTRules hak and tlk updated
- Errors in tlk references fixed, including blank entries
- Custom summons added (Wolf, Alpha wolf, Boar, Bear, Alpha Boar, Alpha Bear)
- Fixed an issue where the insight potion applied legend lore instead of identify
- Fixed an issue where creatures dropped random gold disproportionate to the challenge offered
- Maltok character appearance adjusted for extra intimidation factor
- Fixed issues where items had no icon
- Various spelling and grammar fixes. Some dialogue made clearer/more logical
- Companions starting XP is now always equal to the players
- Unlocked arcane spellcaster class; New Conjurer class follows the structure of Wizard with improved melee ability.
- Support for Conjurer added to campaign, including small itemset and items for sale
- Resting event improved with fade out/in and sound effects
- Various instances of floating placeables fixed
- Custom loadscreens created and added to all areas
- Many balance changes throughout campaign, reflecting XP reductions in prologue chapter
- Multiclassing is now fully enabled for player and companions
- Applied force rest to certain cutscenes (non combat) where the vfx were breaking immersion
- Small selection of custom music tracks added
- All merchant inventories reviewed and altered
- Global review of trap disarm DC's; generally reduced
- Global review of lock DC's; a few instances where DC was reduced
- All arrows and bolts now do +2 damage bonus per level of material; Steel =2, High Steel =4
- Removed feat; improved favoured enemy plants
- Lockpick name changes; Each quality level of lockpick is now reflected in its item name
- Creature Guides; Notice text is now provided when aquiring a creature guide item, to make it more obvious
- Many instances where companion actions don't yield XP have been fixed; XP is awarded to the whole party
- OnDisarm and OnUnlock events will no longer double-post the feedback if a companion completed the action
- Many conversation have been adjusted to check the entire party for quest items and take items from companions as required
- Fixed a number of instances where highlighted text was not visible
- Multiple instances where journals of party members can run out of sync have been corrected

- Crispin introductory conversation logical flow improved
- Rutherford and Strobridge conversations tidied up
- 50% Reduction to quest xp rewards applied
- Intro IP logo slide tidied to fit screen
- Fixed an issue where a book could not be returned to featherstone after speaking with him previously
- Added a slide for the prologue
- Changed open_state on a number of objects
- Fixed 2 instances where a scene could be repeated
- Fairfields pre-raid cutscene tidied up
- Fairfields mine; balance adjusted to be easier for "squidgy" characters
- Firfields Mine; Caving in the breach event now makes the breach object unuseable
- Fairfields intro shot improved
- Thorburn's party scene; Many improvements to the presentation
- Thorburn conversation has had numerous presentational improvements
- Lobby portal conversation; no longer in bold as it was not fitting in the window properly

Act 1
- Fixed an issue in Hemsworth's home where children didnt exit the area after a scene
- Fixed an issue preventing a scene in Hemsworth's home from firing
- Improved town hall cutscene; improved animations
- Alterations made to the small Easterling conversations; changed to cutscene mode, improved script use
- Several exit waypoints now work as intended
- Fixed an issue where an Easterling would not spawn in

Act 2
- Tomb of the fallen; improved lighting
- Draugaur Lair; Fixed a quest breaking issue when Draugaur is killed
- Draugaur Lair; Re-worked the boss fight, greatly improved
- Draugaur Lair; Lighting improved
- Draugaur Lair; Fixed an issue where giving a stand-ground order to Crispin during a conversation didn't work
- Mirkwood Exterior; Major re-design of area
- Mirkwood; Gaurhoth creature strengthened
- Mirkwood; Unlight mother strengthened
- Mirkwood Unlight Lair; Improved handling of spider egg hatching; reduced to 1 spider per egg and size of floating text reduced
- Mirkwood Unlight Lair; Fixed an issue where sound effects were not playing
- Maxwell's Emporium; animations added
- Northman Fort interior; Improved lighting
- Northman Fort exterior; Intro scene improved
- Northman Fort exterior; rest zone added
- Esgaroth Dorn's Store; Discount amount increased
- Esgaroth all stores; Merchant gold doubled
- Fixed an issue where Emeline was chaotic evil
- Fixed an issue where the orphanage door would not unlock if the player had a negative response to Galen's request
- Riverguard Interior; Removed placeable which was snagging and trapping characters during combat
- Ivan now has a pre-set package, assigning him the desired clerical domains
- Esgaroth Orphanage; Fixed a potentially game breaking issue where save triggers could interfere with an important scene
- Esgaroth Dawnlock conversation; Added a fall through to look for more posion without closing off the quest
- Bandit Base; Fixed an issue where bandits could spawn in impassable parts of the area

Act 3
- Wildlands; Moved camera closer to tower as it was not visible at night
- All stores; Merchant Gold doubled
- Fixed issue where doors were displaying "ilefarn door" when highlighted
- Orocarni Camp; Fixed issue where player couldnt rest despite being in a resting zone
- Tsarculung Dragon scene; sfx added
- Indanthrine Prince and Dragon scene; sfx added, improved animations and vfx
- Added popup window when aquiring the Dragon Toy as a hint to it's new abilities
- Added sfx to the final area
- Improved handling for Jamot when he temporarily leaves the party
- Improved the knock down animation method in an important cutscene
- Tomb of the Trickster; Sound and visual effect added to lever traps
- Credits re-done and more relevant to this update and the already-existing sequel

I haven’t played it but willing to give it a go . . . especially as we are re-visiting The Lord of the Ring movies

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Won’t be long until you can give it a go.

I should probably say this more, as middle-earth/lotr/hobbit is a turn off for some people deciding whether to play or not and on the other hand, it draws fans of the above to this campaign… but anyway; I do not consider this saga to be some kind of middle earth/lotr simulator or recreation. I see it more as Middle Earth meets D&D in a setting that takes advantage of as much of the unknown/vagaries of the lore as possible to fashion a new story without breaking core parts of the lore.

@travus; Your UA patches to date are in. I have also applied the latest hak and tlk used by IP to each UA campaign module with no ill effects - looks like the entire saga’s custom content is now running correctly across everything.

A quick note, if you want to update your rest script copy; I have changed the sfx slightly to begin with a snore, followed by a yawn - the hangover sfx was getting a bit weird! The sfx are:

string sYawn = “as_pl_snoringm1”;
string sWake = “as_pl_yawningm1”;

sYawn = “as_pl_snoringm1”;
sWake = “as_pl_yawningf1”;


Just finished act 1; wow! It’s been a long time anyway but still, playing through the first act of UA was a joy. Definitely the most polished chapter of the campaign. I picked up a few cosmetic things to look at. Your changes work perfectly @travus and I’ve now seen the one liners in action - fantastic! No more glitchy triggers and other weirdness! With the global changes added to IP copied over, UA is already in a very good place.

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Just got through the initial walk-around of Dale - forgot just how much stuff is going on there! Feels good.

I decided to head to Erebor first; nice job on the tileset issue @travus. It does feel a little empty/incomplete though. I’d be up for adding to it but nothing springs to mind right now. Suggestions always welcome of course. I’ve yet to play the quest in the lower delves.


I’m glad the tile issue in Erebor is fixed.

Did the sewer fight go OK? No crashes?

I’m almost finished with the last chapter. I found a game breaking issue with the keystone pillars, but I managed to fix that issue through their scripts. It works very well now.

Something I’ve noticed that I really haven’t done anything with is that the companions, Faenwen and LoLinus, have more ability scores and feats than they should have for 1st level, making them illegal characters. I wasn’t sure if that was your intention with them. It may be the same with Machared, I haven’t looked at him close enough to know for sure though. I could easily fix them up through the ‘ga_merp_add_companion’ script if needs be.

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Don’t know if you remember this but there was a ‘action list overflow’ occurring in Dale for some players. I may be able to find a copy of my original bug report if you need it.

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Brief reply as im in the dungeon…

No issues in sewer. Ran it 3 times!

You may be right with the companions. Machared was tooled up for Orcs so he may have snuck over the limit. But im happy for you to make them legal by dropping something. Keep Machared’s FE to orcs though. Call it a free special character ability! Got to love the horrendous dmg he does to them.

@GCoyote - do share!

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Still in the dungeon but on a tea break!

@GCoyote I think I recall this issue now. Occuring in the TH exterior, commoner activities related?

@travus, had any reflection on the act 3 content? Be as brutal as you like, as im considering some significant alterations in parts. It feels rushed to me and maybe a bit too chaotic in places.

For a good stretch near the end you have every companion with you; I’m questioning the wisdom of this as thats 7 companions. 6 in the finale. Very hard to challenge a group of this size and level and its a lot of stuff to micromanage. Id consider dropping the party size but;

  • I’d need a story justification and place for the non members to go and “do something”

  • The members in the party at the end of UA is important. I need the final campaign to reflect that for continuity. Obviously having all companions makes this easier.

Maybe some enemies are a little too crazy and need altering…

It also feels a little rushed in the final few parts. Bit of a railroad. Perhaps some dusting of flavour needed, some alternative routes…

And the ending. It is a bit cliche and it has put me in a very difficult position as to the narrative to open the next campaign. I need to displace the whole party from oneanother in a different way. Maybe dropping the teaser at the end? Show something new or nothing at all…

Just a stream of conciousness there. But much to chew over. I cannot overstate how much this has impacted my efforts with the start of the next tale.

The fight with the dragon was just nuts!

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Thanks, I’ll check this out.

I’m exploring all options here. So say we did cut the party size at some point before the end… how do I factor in who was in the party at the end of UA for continuity in the next campaign? I know there has to be a way but I think it would prove very complicated.

Yep the Mori Loki was a big one. Which is a good thing for the end. But I expect work is needed to smooth some of it over. Especially if party count is reduced.

Just thought i’d share some shots from this mornings session. You can really appreciate the environments more with this wonderful camera modification


All done! I decided not to make any changes to the companions. I’ll leave that up to you and any other playtester suggestions. I felt some of their buffs were ok for the plot.
The final dragon fight was a lot more difficult than the first time I played through. Although I did beat it on hardcore difficulty after 3 tries. The key is a lot of resurrection and heal spells! And kill those damn worms fast :slight_smile:

I said it once before and I’ll say it again - This series is definitely one of the best mods on the market! It was so fun to play! With all the fixes and merging of the first two mods, it will be greatness!
I’m looking forward to the final product with Deadend.

Wow, you’ve binged through UA! Im still staring at early act 2 :joy:

Thank you so much for taking the time to revisit and put together all those patches.

I will finish my first run, apply my fixes and then set about making my changes before another run with the conjurer. If you’re happy to assist further, I’ll share any stumbling block I encounter with you. Also, I can provide you with IP just before re-release just to be sure I’ve not broken anything.

Naturally the final campaign will be covered here. I’m not even sure what im calling it now but it’ll be here.

Noted that there is an encounter with some blue cultists in east mirkwood which is triggered on a return journey from mirkwood itself. What a missed opportunity! I don’t know what possessed me to drop a mob of these with nothing to follow it up with.

I will be making some changes and additions to this as it allows me to fix one of the continuity problems im facing for the next campaign.

Yes, I’m always available to help with any further testing. I’d be happy to look at the latest IP. DM a link if you have one. I can probably setup a oneliner script for it too.

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Thanks. Just got to wrap up a few bits and bobs and then i’ll chuck it on dropbox. Possibly on tuesday/weds with a view to releasing the following week.

I’ll upload the complete file set just to rule out me releasing with missing files.

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