Updated "Dead Tree" Model from early 2000s for EE

(UPDATE: I have updated the placeables.2DA within the .RAR file to work with CEP 2.67, and cleared all other lines back to defaults. The previous placeables.2DA had some lines I added from another Hak Pak, this has been restored to the default, except for the obvious line needed for this Creepy Tree/Dead Tree model. I have also updated the resolution of the textures from 512x512 to 1024x1024 so they look better. I updated the .MTR file as well, and added a roughness section, you can add a Height section if you wish, as both the roughness map and height map are included in the .RAR with the specular, normal, ambient occlusion and diffuse maps. However, all the height does, is make the tree wider, was hoping it would make the bark itself, simply stand out, not widen. Maybe somebody can fix that and make it work as intended? The diffuse is now baked with a ambient occlusion map, to make it stand out more and seem more realistic, though it is subtle. The Google Drive link is now updated as well below)

Hello folks!

I wanted to upload my first file here, with an updated and modernize version of an old Dead Tree model found within the “Legacy - Dark Moon Rising” Module I loved when I was younger. I had use the foliage hak in some of my modules when just screwing around with the toolset, and loved how this tree looked and would react to the wind in game. I simply retextured only the bark of the tree, and properly layed out it’s UVs and added specular and normal maps to the model. This tree is not my own work, and I think it was even taken from “Vampire: The Masquerade” PC game, but also the author who put it in his module listed above did the work to make this model do what it does within NWN. So credit goes to him and the company that made the gave listed above. Idk if he is still around, seemed on NWVault his name had no link or way to message him, but if he sees this, or she, or if anybody knows who he is please give me his contact info, and hopefully it’s ok I posted this. I just wanted to put this model out there again, so people can use it individually for their own modules with EE. There is a Read Me included in the .RAR file as well, and I plan on doing variations of this tree, from textures of bark, leaves/branches, to making different sizes, all of which will still blow in the wind. I will include the Google Drive link here were the .RAR file is located for download.

NWVault Link: Dead Tree/Creepy Tree Model for NWN: EE (Updated from early to mid 2000s) | The Neverwinter Vault

Updated Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sg1GTAMa750QU1moYkiOLruckhEYnt1W/view?usp=sharing

Some pictures of the model in game: