Updates to SKS1

After playing some Divinity2, I was feeling nostalgic for NWN. After seeing that the vault was still going and that the EE edition was on Steam, I decided to crack open the old Toolset. An embarrassing number of hours later, I’ve made a lot of progress on some minor improvements and fixes for SKS1: The Ruins of Tcheou Cherng.

It’s been fun getting into the scripts, conversations and level options.

I thought I’d add a few screenshots of how the town square at night. If people are interested, I can share more about the different factions.

The moon over the market.

The inn and the temple.

The market and Kiva Tower.


Great to see you again, vendalus!

The original package had outstanding DM documentation and the module appears suitable for multiplayer. If you are looking to update the module, the latest DMFI package (old but updated for 1.69 and still works) is here: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/script/dmfi-wands-widgets-109

I’d be interested in seeing an updated version run by a DM (yourself and/or others) as a mini-campaign, which I think would both be fun and a nice addition to the DMFI-certified module list (as “A Stop Along the Way” was).

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Nice! ive always been interested in seeing an asian style city but it seems thats something weve been lacking for some time. we have the rural/urban tileset and I think someone made an asian city for for a custom content challenge but i can’t recall and I know there is a nwn2 version thats very well done.

looking forward to seeing what else you plan to do with this module

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, @Carlo.

I just checked and the DMFI scripts in the module are version 1.07. I’ll try importing the 1.09 and see how it goes.

Funny thing about the DM documentation: like many things in the module, I had totally forgotten I had done that (it was 17 years ago, after all). I found it halfway through. Now I’m working to expand it to also be documentation. It’s proving very helpful, since there are 70 quests, some of which interlock with each other.

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Thanks @Wall3t,

The tileset work that Coulisfu & Balzan did was pretty great (see https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/tileset/oriental-tileset).

Here’s a quick shot of the common room at the inn.

One question I have about the whole thing is that I’m testing using the CEP 1.69, which is what the original module was built with. I’m hoping I can get away with that for a release without trying to update to the latest version. We’ll see what happens.

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You should be fine with that CEP1 version. Players of CEP1 modules are advised to use the following version, which is backward-compatible:


As you may know, CEP2 is a complete rebuild, with more content - a good choice for new modules, but converting an existing module to CEP2 would probably be too much work, and certainly isn’t necessary.

Thanks @Proleric,

Good to have some confidence that I’m not doing things wrong on the CEP front. The module is using https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/cep1-complete. Looks like they are the same, it’s just that the on you linked is an exe installer?

PS - I can only image how often that question is answered in these forums, so sorry about that.

OK then you’re already using the latest version of CEP1 (those two links are the same).

When you mentioned CEP 1.69 earlier, I wrongly thought you were talking about this version but we are on the same page and good to go.