Upgraded NWN2 BIC Organizer?

How hard would it be … To add a couple of lines to this :


So it included experience points in the display? That’s usually what I need to know when checking archived character files.

very hard without the source. Looks like Jimbob maintains his website though:


perhaps get in contact w/ Jim and ask … or if he’s willing to post the source to the Vault (looks like its written in C#/.NET) i’d be tempted to give it a go … I could use a program like that myself, tbh.

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Server error when I try to register and leave a message. If it doesn’t work by Monday I’ll look up his site registration and try to contact him that way.

Crickets. Email to the webmaster bounced.


Seen them over at the Beamdog forums, at least the name, so you may want to try there.

  • Mark

Thanks, I may give that a try.