Upgrading an old module to EE, Placeables now missing and changed

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I’m not sure if this has been answered, I didn’t find much on Google or in the vault. If it is, forgive me. >_>

So, I have an old module I started in the 1.69 days. It’s a full conversion/remake of an old D&D title that got me into RPG’s in the first place. It uses some placeable and tileset haks which didn’t have a problem in earlier versions of EE but have completely broken on newer versions, presumably as a result of Beamdog having added new placeables to the toolset for their premium module.

Many placeables in my module are now invisible and quite a few in the standard pallet are likewise invisible. I’m reasonably sure this is a 2da issue, but I don’t know what needs to be moved around or how in order to bring back my stuff and allow the use of the new placeables added to the game.

I’ve so far changed the hak order, that brings back a few of the placeables specific to that hak, but things in other haks and even the basic game are still missing or unusable. Is there some simple way to reconcile the 2da’s or am I doomed to scrap my work and start from scratch?

Yup, its a 2da issue, although the placeables.2da in the module haks should overwrite the vanilla game assets.

You need the Excimer’s 2DA Combimulator - Excimer's 2da Combinulator | The Neverwinter Vault

Wouldn’t hurt to grab a copy of Textpad as well

I’ll give this a shot, thanks for the heads up!

I usually use Notepad++ for doing stuff like this, but I’ve only ever done class/race modifications. Seems I have some learning to do.

Thats odd. This shouldn’t happen. Haks should have priority so old modules are supposed to work correctly…

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Have you looked in the appearances in the properties of the missing placeables?

Check the length in mb of the placeables.2da. The only thing that normally might cause that (apart from a borked install) is if your placeables.2da has become seriously truncated. This assumes there is nothing in your development folder.

This may seem counter-intuitive but look inside any custom tilesets that you are using. Quite a few old tilesets actually have some placeables in the same hak. Which means that there may be a placeables.2da in the tileset hak.

Should the above fail to resolve your issue try using YATA to edit a master placeables.2da which then goes into a hak that goes at the top of the hak list.


As of EE 8193.32 you can discover which hak or folder contains the file the game is actually using. For placeables.2da

SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(), ResManGetAliasFor("placeables", RESTYPE_2DA));

Why not use “Check conflict” in Module Properties - Custom Content?

I use that feature a lot, it is very useful. It reports duplicate files across all haks amongst other things.


How many haks we are talking about?

I did check the appearance, yes. They mostly come up blank with their original model names (EX: Ruin-T-1) not in the list of appearances I can choose from.

Is there any way I can get the most up to date default placeables 2da file? I’ve found references online to it being placeables2da_bif in the data directory, but I can’t find a way to unpack/open the file and get at the data inside. The development folder is otherwise empty.

There are some tilesets that do have placeable 2das, I’ve noticed. Including some in my list here, which would probably compound the issue. I grabbed Yata, I’ll see if I can’t figure it out. Seems a master 2da is probably the most sensible option, even if that means I’ll have to create a custom hak for it. Probably not the worst possible outcome.

Thanks for your feedback!


That’s a really useful feature. I found out my module is using the hak at the top of the list (expected since I moved it up to the top). So, combining this with the aformentioned suggestion of a master placeables 2da, I can at least debug it if it comes up again. Thanks for this!


So I ran that, but it just gives me listings of individual models and textures. Useful in its own way, I’m sure, but not super helpful to me if this other stuff will work. maybe for narrowing down lingering bugs.


About 6, with a couple more to come in the future. Most of them are tilsets and placeables that enhance the atmosphere I was going for. Nothing extreme, but definitely part of the 2da slurry.

It will list all files in haks including 2da files and it will list in which haks it is (can be multiple). This will be in the column named “Overriden base resource” or vanilla? or core, somethng like that. That is much faster, than creating a script and running a game.

But even faster is to open the haks manually via nwhak.exe assuming you don’t have 20+ of them.

Either way, what you are describing sounds more like a 2da missing or the issue caused your actions and not by updating to EE. At least I never heard of this before and it doesn’t make sense…

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For the most up to date EE version of the 2da files try @Shadooow’s NWN EE: 8193.32 Full 2DA source.

(if there is a version updated to 8193.33 it’s not on the front page)


I don’t think there was any change in 2DAs over 32 and 33 but I could not update to 33 myself yet to confirm it…

Thanks a bunch. I’ll take a look tomorrow after work. :+1:

If you post them, I’ll have a look into the issue

No 2da changes between .32 and .33