Uploading big files

So the time is right, I guess :smiley:. However, my campaign compressed is 2.37gb. I see there is an option mentioned on the upload wizard for big files but, I am either too dumb to do it or I don’t get it.

I guess I could upload it to a cloud service and link it via the remote URL option?

Can you split it? That’s how the massive Baldur’s Gate Reloaded is provided on the Nexus, and it also makes it easier to patch.

Iirc it wasn’t too hard, I will look when I get home.

I guess it’s possible. However I’d like the player to be able to just unzip the whole thing in the Documents folder.

Look at this archived thread on how to use this site. Quoting @Rolo Kipp from the relevant post -

If your file is larger than 128mb, you will need to FTP the file to the vault Dropbox ( FTP.neverwintervault.org ) connect ( I prefer FileZilla ) with the username “anonymous” and no password. Once your file(s) have been uploaded, go into your project and hit the “file attach” button. You will be given a drop-down list of the files you uploaded.


All clear now. Uploading to dropbox via FileZilla and hopefully in about 3 hours I’ll have a release :slight_smile: .


Oh well, I just spend some hours uploading to the dropbox directory via FileZilla. I then try to attach the file to the project, press the button and get an error. After that, the file is not listed in the dropbox anymore. I try to upload the single zipped files again (Which gave me a HTTP error the last time I tried). We’ll see what happens now :slight_smile: .

Vault mods can attach it for you.

I guess that’s good news. But if it’s not showing on the list or in the dropbox folder in FileZilla… do the mods have it? Or did the upload get erased(?)… or something wonky anyway?.