User rights

Everyone can edit the titles and categories of the topics created by other forum members. Looks more like a bug than a feature. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I want to try editing this thread title into something silly so badly, but it feels inappropriate. :expressionless:

@Aqvilinus If you preface a @ to niv (@niv), he gets a notification about having been mentioned in a thread. Good way to cast Invoke Busy Admin Attention if your eagle eyes catch yet more bugs and exploits.

:expressionless: Betcha this is going to be fixed shortly… and then the opportunity to put googly eyes and "Based on the fact that you spawned from her, I estimate that your mother is likely to be a nice and smart person!"s into everybody’s thread titles will be gone forever. And yet… still not even gonna try it. This is like +10 Lawful points. Feels wrong.

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Either this has been fixed, or I don’t have the same user rights as you. I was going to change this thread’s title from User rights to User Rights to test if it works, but I don’t see the option.

I’ve flipped that flag, though I don’t think we have much to worry from you lot. :stuck_out_tongue: