Using items in polymorph

as you may guess from the title of this topic, i’m trying to enable a shifter to use items in polymorph, without results.
My module version is 1.69; yes, i saw something in the cpp 1.72 but i’d like to do it on the 1.69, if possible.
Does anybody know how to do it? Thanks

not possible without NWN©X, CPP allows to do it but you need NWNX or NWNCX if this is singleplayer, in cas of singleplayer it is further problematic because its player who needs it installed

it’s for multiplayer server on linux actually.
And we are using NWNX…

Any way?

well the plugin that has this functionality, nwnx_patch is not for linux, but maybe there might be some alternative, in fact it is quite easy to do, the source for this feature can easily be ported by anyone with some knowledge about nwnx and c++