Using New Neverblender with new Blender - Help!

I’ll put this out there at the start. I’m hopeless at Blender - just looking at axes creates panic in me. Something to do with being an ex English teacher and drifting off in Maths class I guess.

Anyway, I really struggled ( despite the heroic efforts of @TheBarbarian) with old Blender. However, with the new version of Blender, I’ve finally started to see the light and created a treasure chest. I’d now like to export it into NWN1 using Neverblender. so far:

  1. model of chest created in blender 2.81

  2. downloaded and installed latest version of Neverblender. ( Issue 1 - its ticked in addons but doesn’t appear when I pull out the "Transform menu on the right pallet, unlike Blenderkit another add-on).

  3. I’ve come across various tutorials but none that are based on the newest versions of both. In particular I liked this one but I made it as far as the third screenshot where it says to use Neverblender and select the type as “MDL Rootdummy”. Cant find any heading called type and I’ve no idea where Neverblender is.

You get the gist. Does anyone know of a tutorial which uses the new forms of both? Failing that, can anyone have a quick look at the tutorial I’m using and suggest where I might find the new home of various things?

If I can get through this, I’ll do a short video myself showing how it’s done ( God help us all!) and put it up on YT as that’d be the best way for anyone following in my particularly unskilled footsteps and I need something for the kids in our school to follow as it seems that reading written tutorials carefully is a lost art ! We’re about to start looking at Blender and we hope to export our Blender items into game.

Final question for the experts. Talking to Tarot, he says he thinks he saw somewhere that I might be able to use the animations from existing game objects for my chest. Is that right?