Using NPC Classes for a PC

Apologies if this has been asked before, but for the sake of NOT looking for a needle in a haystack (which I hate), I am just going to post a new topic here about this.

Is it possible to change one or more of the eleven base classes/rows in the classes 2da for a particular module (and use it only for that module) to edit it to be Commoner, Aristocrat, Expert, Warrior and/or Adept? Like for instance, I would first make a copy of the appropriate file, then make the following edits to that file, leaving the original 2da alone. Copy the line for Commoner and replace one of the first eleven rows with it, and do the same for any other NPC classes I want to use, disabling the other 6+ classes by putting a 0 in the Player Class column to turn those off as playable classes. So essentially, I would just end up with one to five of the npc classes I want, and use that in a hak for a particular module where it would be more appropriate and make more sense for the character to start off as such, humble beginnings and whatnot. To make it so that other modules are not affected by this, only the module I want to read and implement the modified 2da. And also provide the option for the character to continue leveling up as a commoner, aristocrat, etc. as necessary or desired? I just wonder if this wouldn’t screw things up for NPCs that have these classes or if there is a way to get around that safely.

So basically, is this possible to do without using the PRC, or is this a really dumb idea and I shouldn’t even bother? Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

I had played around with custom content awhile back, but I’ve slept since then, and a lot of what I probably knew is now rusty and I need to refresh my memory on this. Never really got that far anyway with custom content, and I do not consider myself experienced with this in any way, so just laying that out on the table here so anyone who wants to answer knows that.