Using SetObjectVisualTransform on Naga models

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I’m revisiting my old NWN module for CEP 2.65 and NWN:EE and would very much like to make use of the Naga model in the CEP. It looks slightly too small for my needs so I tried a SetObjectVisualTransform in its OnSpawn to make it larger, but it has no effect. I’ve successfully up/down scaled other creatures from the CEP. Any ideas why this isn’t working for me with the Naga model?


(I’ve tried larger numbers to no avail)


If it’s the “[CEP23] Naga # (CCP)” ones, I’ve just tried to scale them up directly in OnSpawn, and it’s working fine for me. How did you set up the OnSpawn event? If it’s in OnUserDefined under either post- or prespawn, is the flag to run the post-/prespawn events set on the creature?

Thanks for that - knowing it worked for you made me realise what was different about others I’d tried. I was starting my PC a good distance away from the Naga (which is how it would be in-game) and that means the SetObjectVisualTransform ‘doesn’t work’ - or at least if it does work the results aren’t visible :slight_smile: Only having this work if the creature is in plain sight lessens the usefulness somewhat … maybe it will be fixed/improved over time. Shame, because the x2 scale Naga looks just how I wanted it! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Anytime. :slight_smile: Very good to know that about SetObjectVisualTransform.

If the model appearance is worth it, you could try spawning the naga in near the PC under cutscene invisibility, and then jumping it to it’s intended position. Or, a very brief blackscreen on area enter to set up the stage shouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

For extra info, the Naga does appear correctly scaled if you exit ‘line of sight’ (not quite that but ‘visual range’ or something akin) and then re-enter ‘line of sight’. So, maybe your suggestion of some initial cutscene shenanigans will work nicely - or maybe Beamdog will fix it in the very near future! :slight_smile:

Beamdog are working on a related bug:
but it would help to report your findings there, too, as this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that scaling at a distance is broken.

Thanks Proleric :slight_smile: I did find that thread after some googling, but can’t see how to actually edit that report to add my own comment…

You’ll need to register an account there. Painless, but choose your “real” name carefully as the site will publish it on bug reports (your user name is only used to log on, for some reason).

If you still can’t edit that ticket, raise a new one. That might be a good idea anyway, as the existing ticket is specifically about PCs in an MP context.

Thanks - I do have an account but still couldn’t see an option to update it, maybe because it’s in a submitted state? Regardless, I have a contact who knows a contact who knows someone who once met someone from Beamdog’s brother, so I’ve mailed them a quick example mod to demonstrate the problem :slight_smile:

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