Vampire abilities from Mysteries of Westgate

Are the Vampire abilities from MoW unavailble using the console in other modules/campaigns? Apparently Mow handles the vampire abilities as history feats. I have tried unsuccessfully to add these feats to my character in other modules using the console.

How would one go about doing this besides doing it from within Mysteries of Westgate itself?

Bit of a late reply, but late then never.
All of the necessary .2da & scripts are in MoW’s campaign folder. If you copy MoW’s .2da entries over to feats.2da & spells.2da and copy the scripts, icons, etc, to your override folder it should work.

If you have the GoG version of the game, there’s no DRM causing problems. If you have the original installer from way back in 2009, there is DRM that obfuscates MoW’s .2da files if I recall right.

I wonder if having the .2da from MoW in override will cause problems for other modules.

It may especially those that have Kaedrins prc packs, since there are feat 2da’s and spell 2da’s in these packs. I usually have remove all my overrides in order to play those modules.

Merging 2das is a solution, fortunately we have Reserved 2da ranges

anything that falls outside that should be thrown outside the pale …