Verdant Wilderness not on Vault?


I was wondering why Verdant Wilderness is not on the Vault, but available on the Steam Workshop. Together with Project Q it makes a huge difference for outdoor scenes.

Probably best to ask here as the author is more likely to be able to answer that.

I know Verdant Wilderness is not mandatory, but , in general, if you want a bigger audience, Workshop-only content is bad news, because only Steam key holders can access it.

I’ve formulated a demand to the author to put Verdant Wilderness on the Vault. He was going to do it with the next update.

I’m confused. With the stable NWN:EE version of steam, I needed Verdant to obtain the lush trees. I upgraded to the beta version 8193.14, and now even when I remove Verdant from my subscriptions, I have lush trees,

Are Verdant Wilderness trees now included in the beta NWN:EE? It seerms so.

Confusion is good for you.