VFX Crown and Halo - Weird visual bug


I’m trying to use * Rolo Kip’s VFX Crown and Halo (VFX models)
And when it supposed to look like this :

I end up with something like this:

If anyone has a lead on where I should look to fix this, I’ll appreciate. :pray:

(NWNEE, Also tested on a simple mod)

Works fine for me:

I used the cvp_master.hak from cvp_hak_mod_v0-5.7z with NWN prelude and NWN EE current version.

Thanks for your help, appreciated.
Unfortunately it still happens with the cvp_master.hak over a vanilla mod. :thinking:

Found it!

Menu option graphics : Lighting Enhanced → Unflagged.

If this is turned on, I get these artefacts.


For some reason I already had Lighting Enhanced turned off. If I turn it on again I get the artefacts too.