VFX Help Required - Rotate On Central Vertical Axis?

Hi All,

Calling all VFX experts!

I normally manage to struggle my way through to acquire what I need, but this particular requirement currently escapes me. I have a “text” effect (it does not have to be this, but that is what I am referring to here at the moment), and I am trying to rotate it along its vertical axis down its centre. (And stay rotating!) I hope this image helps to illustrate what I mean …

I have managed to have it rotate on the flat plane and vertical plane, but it always places the point of rotation in its centre (near the “as” of “treasure”) and never through the text like the black line shows.

NB: This text shows “correctly” (static) using a “Billboard” event, but I have not yet been able to rotate it as a VFX in the manner described. The moment I change it from “Billboard”, I am unable to reorientate the text vertically again.

Any help appreciated!