VFX scripting

Hello! I’m trying to create a flamethrower effect via script, and it’s working as intended in all respects except for the VFX. Ideally I’d like to use the VFX for Burning Hands. I looked up the BH script and 2da lines and got VFX_IMP_FLAME_S as the constant for the visual effect, but using that only results in a small flame hit instead of the spray. Am I missing something?

Recently I had a similar problem. Look in the spells 2da and get the script which is executed with the spell. Maybe it is just VFX_IMP_FLAME_S, as in my case. But those simple small effects could be expanded with some functions, such as “TLVFXPillar”.

One of the VFX_BEAM fire effects might suit?

Thanks, both of you. I checked out the 2da and the flame jet vfx is called var_conefire. I was able to use that to make a quick and dirty fire spray vfx, but using ApplyEffectOnObject leads to the spray not lining up with the actual AOE while ApplyEffectAtLocation seems to make it permanent no matter what type or length I set for the duration. I’ll try out some of the beams and see if anything seems suitable.

TBH I’d just use ActionCastFakeSpellAtLocation() instead - used from an invisible placeable or whoever is calling the script if a creature. Will apply the visual effects. You could create a new spells.2da line if you also want to remove casting animations (or change them).

The “cone” visuals are similar to the fireball being thrown, or other things, which are projectiles and coded into spells.2da.

In fact a nice request may be to unlock those so they’re not tied behind actions and can be applied as visual effects using similar parameters spells.2da uses. Hmm…


Thanks so much. This seems perfect.