VFX: Stormcloud tail - changed all of a sudden

Has anyone else seen this VFX: Stormcloud tail change from black to grey. The lightning too use to be very clear but now is barely seen. And invisible creatures I can no longer resize (scaling using the toolset adjust location and scale). My ZEP_WATER_TNO_1 water, blue 1x1 placeable is now translucent barely visible in game. In the toolset it is ok. The Rural tileset creek water is no longer blue…you actually see the gravel/brown dirt - water is crystal clear…does not really match up to when you place it coming out of the water/sea you create (my opinion). You have to disable shiny water to see it blue…but that sucks as I like shiny water.

EDIT: Ok did not see there was a new NWN:EE update. This no doubt accounts for some of the changes I’ve noticed in my module. Sigh.