Viability of Implementing Missing D&D 3E/3.5E Content?

NWN1 has a lot to offer and many of player character options in 3E and 3.5E are thankfully already added. However, many more spells and feats and etc. have not been implemented due to obvious budget and time constraints. So my question is, is this viable to implement into the base campaign and base expansions with the Enhanced Edition of NWN and even further, would this be something anyone would be interested in developing with me? I’m already thinking of doing all this myself although it’s obviously gonna be a huge pain since I need to learn NWN scripting first.

Having almost all of the functionality of 3.5E written into NWN though is incredibly tempting and would make it even MORE attractive for the multiplayer community. And if there’s enough people working on it, Pathfinder rules and content may even be able to be implemented.

Have you had a look at the Even’s 3.5 Edition or the one by TigerMouth??

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As for 3.5, I will wait untill you reply if you tried the 3.5 edition psythe linked.

As for pathfinder. Pathfinder is kind of cool but it doesn’t have epic rules. Imo it is balanced for lvl 20 cap. Mixing pathfinder with lvl 40 would lead into mess and I don’t think players want to be limited to lvl 20 when we are all used to lvl 40, I certainly wouldn’t.

Anyway, generally speaking. NWN:EE is currently in worse spot than 1.69 when it comes to additional features. What is worse, it offers almost no unique feature and because BeamDog decided they won’t support client NWNX modifications and they added code protection against that it means that those who would want to implement ruleset modifications such as as 3.5 rules or pathfinder will be limited to ugly workarounds and half-working solutions. Plus it seems they are scared to implement anything big because half the community wouldn’t like it…


Oh so 3.5 mods DO exist!

After reading through Even’s changes, they seem very comprehensive! The only problem (although it’s a big one) is that it looks like he/she didn’t actually add anything new. I desire much more to add to the content that’s already there rather than tweak it. HOWEVER, the changes that have already been done still seem very beneficial, especially the AI changes!

Maybe I should try getting in touch with Borya to see if they’d be interesting in expanding their original mod, or perhaps at least get permission to build upon their codebase.

As to NWNX client woes, you should speak to them since EE is still in active development. If you believe client modifications should be allowed, then let them know! I think a really great compromise there would simply be to have it be a server option.

I find that with 16 years of rich history behind it, chances are that whatever you thought about doing in NWN, someone had already had a go. :slight_smile:

This was decided long time ago when NWN:EE was still in beta and I wasn’t the only one who was lobbying for it. They said they understand the disadvantages but they won’t allow it from security reasons and that it is final decision. I don’t think bringing this to trello will do anything here especially because such suggestion would not get many votes anyway - PW builders don’t care about single player NWNX and players have no idea what it is, won’t understand the benefits and won’t vote for it.

Anyway regarding 3.5 idition, I tried it myself and I wasn’t 100% satisfied but considering it doesn’t use NWNX there isn’t much more that can be done than this.

As for new content, mostly new content has issues with implementation, feats especially, though I have some new spells based on 3.5. I was always interested in improving upon this package however since I had the option to use NWNX I decided I will do it from scratch and properly with features from NWNX. And because of NWN:EE situation with NWNX I am not exactly keen on working on anything NWN:EE specific since it doesn’t have even 10% of what 1.69 with fan-made modifications allows…

What about NWNX:EE? That seems to be fairly actively developed.

Well don’t be too hard on them. Security for servers is a legit concern. I remember my time as a Jedi Academy admin and we’d get these entitled pricks coming on to the server threatening to DDoS if they didn’t get what they wanted. Sometimes they’d just exploit the server just for the hell of it. And because JKA obviously wasn’t in active development anymore and the server code was insecure, we couldn’t do shit.

Now imagine that, but instead of pricks ruining a conversation or a couple battles, we get them coming onto servers and shutting down entire PWs.

Server only, linux only. There is no support for windows and because the way how NWN:EE is structualized now it is harder than before for a builder to install and run nwnx modifications. We cannot expect players to:

  • install nwnx-docker a linux VM to run server on windows with nwnx plugins for linux
  • mess with NWN:EE installation folder, UAC and custom exe files
  • playing singleplayer modules via running dedicated server first and logging into it with client…6

This is just unrealistic. Currently such ruleset can be coded and implemented for specific PW but thats it.

I know, I know, but it is a cheap solution that kills custom content and they are extremely slow in adding new features, features we have in 1.69 for years…

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Yes but what about features that are available to PW builders?

I don’t have big insight there since I don’t check it continuously but I would say that 80% of what was publicly available to linux nwnx builders is available on nwn:ee nwnx as well. Which is not bad. Of course those who had their own plugins must redo them from scratch, and it is much harder to implement certain changes but it is not impossible…

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