Vial of Glowstone Water

I’m trying to activate the Construct. I gave Grobnar the book and the rune, but I never found the Vial of Glowstone Water in the Glowstone Caves, or maybe I did but I lost it somewhere. Now I’m in Chapter 3 of the OC and I’d still like to activate the Construct. Is there an Item Tag # for that item that I could use with the cheat code to produce that item? It isn’t on the list that I have (in fact, none of the 3 items needed for the Construct are). I don’t want to do that but if I want the Construct at this point I don’t see any other way. Thanks.

In the Glowstone Cave, in the part with the Glowstone, you’re supposed to go to the opposite side, by the lake, with Grobnar to initiate a conversation that’ll get you the vial.

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