Visible Dynamic Weapons

The latest WinRAR doesn’t seem to open this archive:

Can anyone unlock it, or provide a different source for the content?

According to 7zip both that and the version on rolovault are corrupt (cannot open it as an archive). Haven’t tried it with either winace or peazip though. I don’t seem to have a copy and searching on google doesn’t turn up another version anywhere. Is it in the CEP?


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You can’t open it with any decompression tool. It’s a 404 page in html. The data is not there :slight_smile:

Yeah, it looks fubared. I don’t remember those particular ones from CEP either, which is a shame.

Had a look on the wayback machine. Unfortunately its page was not one of the ones saved. Only about 1 in 50 of the old vault’s are. Their scraper only grabbed the top page in each category.