Visual Effect When Equipping An Item?

Is there a way to make a visual effect play when a certain item is equipped?

In the Module Properties is an entry for OnPlayerEquipItem where scripts can be placed to achieve that. But these scripts are not easy to pull off i’m afraid.

Yes, I know about that. I was wondering if there was another way.

You can do it with tag-based scripting if you don’t want to use module event scripts.

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^ Yes, that’s what I’d use. Just write a custom On Equip script.

(hehe, technically an item-OnEquip script gets executed from the module’s OnPlayerEquipItem event)

ie, i think it fires only for a player-controlled character. but yes i’d also use a tag-based nwn2-style script …

Thanks for the input, guys. I’ll just go with implementing it that way then.