Visualizing a pwk

Is there any way to make a *.pwk visible in the toolset or in the game?

Creating a node with the same dimension of the *.pwk within the *.mdl file doesn’t help, if the orientation of the model is different.

The only way I could think of is by actually editing the model. So, if you’re not using Gmax or Blender, how about if you copy the PWK-text at the end of the model file (before endmodelgeom …/donemodel…) and change “node trimesh pwk” to “node trimesh test” and maybe add a test-texture reference…
Note: Never tested this! Just a shot in the dark. :slight_smile:

Yes, I tested this and it’s actually a good idea. But if you have a orientation statement in the root node, then it will fail. The pwk stands upright or angular or something, according to the orientation statement. Maybe I should try to attach the pwk-node on a second blind node without orientation statement.

Thanks, you’ve given me an idea!

Well, only to see, how it looks like / what the shape is / what area it covers, I’d recommend that you try Blender. They also have “portable” versions (Index of /release/), if one does not like installations. Then add in Neverblender. Loading a model pretty simple and you can (visually) switch off things in the list on the top right side by clicking the eye behind an object (unfold the hierarchy first).

The pwk is shown in Blender if I load the model?

Anyway, I’m just want to check if the pwk fits to the placeable. I already found some instances where this is not the case. Creatives are sometimes rather sloppy :smiley:.

For now my solution is to create an independent model with the the vertices taken from the pwk and put it on the same position as the placeable in the toolset. I need to gather more experience with that but for now, it works.

Sloppy? NEVER! :rofl:
And yes, the PWK is a mesh and it is shown in Blender and Gmax. Thus you can tweak the posistion of the verts to adjust the shape. I normally make PWK a bit larger than the object, where a creature has to stop, to prevent feet of reaching into the object, but it’s probaly hard to accomplish without a 3D-Editor.

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