Voice Acting - Use my Voice!

Hi NWN2 Community,

I have stalked these forums for quite some time and have never made a post of my own, so here goes. I use so much of the wonderful content created by this community so I thought I might give back.

I cannot offer anything to the community in the form of scripting or modeling, but I do want to make myself available as a voice acting resource for anyone who needs it. I have a semi-pro setup at home and would be happy to do some voice recordings for anyone who might need a portrayal of a character. I am always eager to portray new characters. I would be glad to supply the .wav and .fxe files for lip sync to anyone who might need some voices. My voice is on the deeper Baritone range but I am trained so I might be able to pull of something higher.

Here is a link to some samples (digitally unaltered):

Here are some digitally manipulated samples to show what might be possible:

Perhaps other Voice Actors can post on this thread to? I noticed there was a project/blog post on the vault that @rjshae created as a Voice Acting Hub but I am not able to post to it for some reason.



Too bad this is for NWN2. I could really use someone to be the narrator in an opening video for my NWN1 module.

Happy to do that as well