Voiceset question

Is there a reason why some voicesets upon choosing them work at the character voice creation point, but not in game?

And then there are voicesets that work in single player but you can’t hear in multiplayer.

What can be done to fix these issues so in multiplayer everyone hears (including yourself) the voicesets?

You could politely ask a server to add more voicesets and make them available to you and others, but voicesets you download and put in your override folder are obviously not on other peoples computers for them to hear. This applies to pretty much any game involving multiplayer.

Hi Jasperre…thanks for your reply…

I am hosting the game. The voicesets are all in a hak and correlate to the 2das and each player has these same haks. Nothing in the override.

Even though I work only on NWN2, I have done quite a bit of voice sets for my modules during the years. For NWN2 at least, there are some settings in the 2da file that I think determines if it shows up in single player and/or multiplayer and if it’s a voice that can be used for PC or not. I think it might be the “Type” column in the 2da. I’m not sure though. I have never played multi player on NWN1 or NWN2 so… but it might be worth checking out.

You’d need to say what game it was and show the 2da files I guess. If they work locally for you and not for other players and the 2das are correct then it’s odd.

Sorry I forgot to mention it is for NWN:EE

I will see if I can post the 2da here

soundset.2da (347.3 KB)

See below. I have the soundset 2da I use.

Next question is do the SSF files vs_fAmmon.ssf for instance exist? assuming it is one of those you’re trying - if not let us know what line is failing. If so can you post the SSF and I can check it is valid. And does the sounds work for your client when your server is running or is it only when running the server locally? Also do the .wav files of the soundset exist in the hakpack(s)?

Presumably you’re using hakpacks not nwsync as well?

Hi Jasperre,

I use hak packs (not sure what you mean by nwsync)…but I do use haks …yes

Hmm…I am pretty sure I have all the SSF files as the voicesets work in-game for me in single player.

I did not know .wav files were part of the voicesets…I only thought voicesets were related to the ssf files…would the .wav files be named the same as the ssf files?

Most usually are named similarly. If you can hear them but they can’t you might even have the voicesets (eg from the steam workshop) but you didn’t include them in your hakpacks.

If you zip up a SSF file I can check it tomorrow or you can read it using nwnexplorer or nim-tools

Ok…give me till tomorrow to collect all this stuff then I will RAR it for you and place it in my onedrive which I will send you the link to here. :slight_smile:

Sent you mail here with the ssf files and wav files and my 2das

It is a link to my onedrive you can grab the stuff from

Yes, it is important that everyone has the wav files since that are the sounds themselves. If the wav files are included in your hak paks and people still can’t hear the voices/sounds then I don’t know what’s going on…
The Gender and Type columns I’m not sure exactly what they do, but when I’ve made soundsets (but I’m only working on single player stuff so…) I tend to have the number “1” in both those columns since that has always worked for me…

My understanding of those numbers on that soundset.2da is as follows:

0 = male
1 = female

0 =PC can use the voiceset as well as npc’s and creatures
4= only for npc/creatures

There is a 5 in there and some 3’s under type…dunno why

I could be wrong. But that is how I set it to on my 2da

Yes, I’m sure you are correct about this. Funny how I’ve always chosen 1 for Gender without thinking about it. I haven’t noticed any trouble ingame with this though, and I think I’ve used voices set to 1 on male characters. I’ve only used my soundesets for companions though. I wonder what Type=1 does then.

In this case you seem to have set it up correctly, so the only thing I can think of is that your players don’t have access to the wav files somehow.

Soundset column information for nwn1: soundset.2da - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE - nwn.wiki - the Type column relates to another 2da file and is solely used in the toolset excepting if the column is set to 0 so PCs can choose it at chargen.

I had a brief check of the SSF’s and they look fine and NWN1 compatible, and the wav files are at least present but don’t have the time this second (maybe later tonight) to check it out fully as I’ve told Imtherealthing

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Aha. Interesting.

My players have exactly what I have in their haks…Jasperre is going to look at it.

Alright. Then it is very odd. Sorry I couldn’t be more of help.