I’ve asked in another post about NwNViewer but using a Mac it seems that there is no easy option there so I’m trying a different route. I tried suggestion of @Proleric in another thread but I can’t get it to display the required files.

Some of you may know that I’ve been working on introducing the toolset to a Games design class at my old school. One of the aspects their teacher is keen on is getting them into making their own assets. In this case, it’s getting the kids to voice a line or two of conversation and that’s a skoosh with Audacity. Takes about 8 minutes to get it into game. However, I’ve also been reading up on Voicesets and partial voicesets in the Custom content pdf. and I thought it would be good to get a Voiceset of Scottish accents !

It would seem that the easiest way to get a partial voices into the game is to replace an existing one in the soundest.2da. ( I know, I’m getting in above my head here).

Anyway, to keep this short, I can’t really follow the instructions in the Custom Guide because I can’t access either NwNViewer or NwNExplorer.

So , I’ve opened a spare copy of the soundset.2da in Text Edit on the Mac. Displays fine. On page 55 of the Custom content guide under “Updating Sound Files” it suggests

using the line with resref VS_nAribetF ;
Naming all my WAV files VS_AribetF_.wav. ;
Putting my wavs into a hackpack (hak?) . Will need 21 to fully replace the voiceset

and that should work.

Unfortunately, and the reason I need help I can’t get into NWN Viewer to find out what the 21 different lines/ situations are. I know one is attack etc. but I suspect to replace them I’d need to use their exact filename.

Is there any way I can find out what those 21 situations are for my WAV files?

Perhaps this helps?

Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.