Vuldrick Quest manager - Whut?

Oh this sounds interesting! Though the tokens make me rather confused tbh

also the first script does not compile, I got the following:

29-5-2020 21:37:14: Error. ‘db_bounty_check’ did not compile.

Yeah, I meant SetLocalString - I edited the above and even ran it through the compiler this time.

As to custom tokens, basically pick a 4 or 5 digit number that isn’t likely to be used by anything else. For eases, I just choose 10001 thru 10003. SetCustomToken(10001, “Text you want set”);
When you set these, it allows you to declare those tokens for the current info - it will actually last in game until it is reset by this script so you could put the token in a journal entry and each time the entry is called, it will display the text you set the token as. I find they allow you to streamline certain things, like this conversation - so you only need the three nodes for the three bounties - it is the information about the bounties that change, not the nodes themselves. Any way - they do take some getting used to. Hope this helps!

You are my hero, just woke up so my brain is all fuzzy but will see about making it work.

So far I cannot seem to get the first script to actually work and show me the dialogues that corresponds to the lvl…unless I am not reading the script correct?

I don’t know how you structured the convo but - I started with something from one of my old convo’s and the returns in it (return TRUE; return FALSE) were to check for if this was the first time the NPC was talked to or not. If it was, then it passed it on to another section which would be the first time talked to. Without actually seeing the convo an easy fix would likely be changing the return FALSE at the bottom to TRUE.

This is basically the structure…

I currently added the check lvl on bounty 1 node. As it basically hides the entire convo if I place it on the very first one…

I uploaded a sample convo erf you could try LINK

yeah I checked it but the first script is not really checking for lvl I think as I changed the lvl and it still showed me the 3 lines…

Should I combine it with a lvl check of my own per 3?

I am not sure how to work with these custom tokens so to say so I am starting to feel REALLY stupid atm as I cannot seem to get that system to work T_T

As I said, this is just a mock-up. I’ll take a look at the level check - it should of worked, but to be honest, I only ran through it to see if the text popped up correctly.
I did check it - the conversation worked for me - Since there are only three offered at any time, the front part “Bounty 1” will stay the same, but the rest of the text is the tokenized information.

Okay I got that since I turned it back to lvl 1 & 2 (since I changed the if(nLvl == 1) to 2&3) So that might have been it? Since on this mod the quests start from lvl 2.

So I set the lines just not entirely sure how these tokens corresponds to the journal tags?
Sorry I never used tokens like this before so I am trying to figure it out T_T

No problem - they are quirky but darn useful. If it helps, I can talk through it. Sorry if this isn’t helping

if(nLvl == 2)
    SetLocalString(oMe, "Bounty1", sB4);
        sText1 = "Text you want for quest 4";//GetLocalString(oMe, sB4+"text");
    SetLocalString(oMe, "Bounty2", sB5);
        sText2 = "Text you want for quest 5";//GetLocalString(oMe, sB5+"text");
    SetLocalString(oMe, "Bounty3", sB6);
        sText3 = "Text you want for quest 6";//GetLocalString(oMe, sB6+"text");

You have three Bounties to offer. In this case, we are doing quest4, 5 and 6. So you are making Bounty1 the tag for Quest 4 and declaring Text one to be “Text you want for quest 4”. At the bottom, we Set the token 10001 to be whatever is in Text1. Then in the conversation, for the node that has the information for the first bounty, we put the custom token.


So whenever the PC sees this part of the conversation, the script will “bake” the token based upon their level and put this text in the node of the conversation.
The Lexicon has a page about them too. Maybe that would prove more helpful.

yes please talk me through it. Will DM you :slight_smile: