Walkable placeables?

greetings !

i’d like to create a placeable that’s a simple walkable plane. the wiki article on walkmesh suggests that placeables can have walkable meshes [i.e., .wok’s rather than .pwk’s] as long as they’re static.

i used the following approach as a simple test -

  1. find ttd01_p02_01.mdl [a flat, entirely walkable 1x1 expanse of sand from the desert tileset] in the bifs and export.
  2. decompile ttd01_p02_01.mdl to ascii model.
  3. find ttd01_p02_01.wok and export.
  4. find ttd01_floor01.tga [the bitmap referred to in the .mdl] and export.
  5. change the names of the 3 files to flat_plane.*.
  6. editing flat_plane.mdl in a text editor, change all occurrances of ‘ttd01_p02_01’ to ‘flat_plane’.
  7. do the same for the .wok.
  8. change the bitmap entry in the .mdl to ‘bitmap flat_plane’ to correspond to my newly-renamed .tga.
  9. add the ‘flat_plane’ model to placeables.2da.
  10. add the 4 files to my hak.

this doesn’t work. i can place it fine in the toolset, and when i run the module, the placeable is rendered, but it remains unwalkable. [i placed it over a ‘chasm’ tile. the pc can walk only as far as the walkable extent, i.e. up to the edge of the chasm, but no farther.] i’ve verified that the placeable is static. what am i doing wrong ?

If I recall correctly, your placeable must be set to static (in the placeable’s properties window).

I’m likely wrong, but I seem to also remember something about the placeable wok to be a specific size and set to match up with tile edges.

It does need to be the exact size of a tile, aligned to the tile grid, but to my understanding this is more for changing the way you walk on something already walkable (overriding the z axis), vs being newly able to walk on unedited chasm. You’d need to make it all walkable in order for the placeable to work.

These might be helpful:

Placeable Hole

TheOneBlackRider’s Ramps

thanks, guys. :slight_smile:
yes, the placeable is set as static.
the links were pretty instructive. does this mean there’s no way to create any kind of placeable to ‘bridge’ non-walkable areas ?

also, i just realised i’m posting in this ‘new’ forum, should i be posting in the other one ?

As far as I know, that is not possible at this time. I think what has been done in the past is to make a whole area walkable (eg the water tiles for swimming or boarding ships) and then spawn/despawn invisible walls to allow access or not. Someone like OTR may have more ideas.

On the forum, you’d probably get more eyes in the old one, but I think the idea is still to move over at some point.

Late for the party. I decided to check the new forums and I find this. I must say that I so far has seen a single placeable that is walkable, in all these years. It is a watchtower we use on our PW. It must be aligned with the tileset grid and set to static. Sadly, the builder that made it is not working on nwn and I lost his contact.But, given the specific placement, it could be done.

Sounds like Borden’s, maybe? It’s nice to have them already made, but using invisible ones like these gives nice flexibility.

The problem is that the OP wanted to use walkable placeables, not to change existing walkable areas (eg to stand on a platform placed on grass), but to cross unedited, unwalkable terrain – like chasms. This can’t be done with placeables alone. They must be exactly one tile in size, placed in the center, set to static, and whatever tile they’re placed on needs to be walkable already. The placeable only overrides the z axis of the tile’s walkmesh.

I might be displaying my ignorance here, but is it possible to do the opposite? My idea would be to make a tile that looks like a chasm, but is walkable, and whenever you place that tile, you would either put a placeable on it that makes it unwalkable, or put a placeable that looks like a bridge and is walkable.

I’m not sure that it technically makes the whole tile non-walk in the same way, but it can definitely block movement anyway… I think it’s a lot easier to make things non-walk than it is walkable, heh! You can make walkable placeable bridges and stuff if the tile already lets you walk on it. Or just have the tile itself be the proper walk height and, as you suggested, only allow access when the visual is in place.

I feel like I’ve seen somewhere people making their oceans walkable, for example, and just blocking them off with invisible walls until the placeable ship “arrives”, then letting them walk up and on it - through spawning and depspawning placeables.

I’m sorry I’ve said “walk” way too many times.