Walkmesh Issue

This is a picture of the baked walkmesh. As you can see, part of it is baking as non-walkable. What could be causing this? Too many placeables?

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Yes. The number of mesh triangles per grid square is limited; more placeables require more walkmesh triangles to fit around them. Try changing the pavement pieces to environmental and see if it bakes. If it does, you can always fix the height then raise the ground underneath.


Just make a rectangle walkmesh cuter around the cart, forget about the stick. Shorten the rectangle if necessary. Contact me if you have trouble. Nice day and take care. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Thanks for that suggestion, that’s a good idea. I may try that, I just hope that the terrain doesn’t warp too much around the edges. Even when using the flatten tool, I still get a sloped edge rather than a straight one.

There is already one there. The cart is an environmental object with a walkmesh cutter around it. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Can you point me with an arrow using paint where is your problem, please.
I can’t really see with this picture. Is it here?

It is necessary that you reduce any objects (including buildings) that you do not use to environmental objects and instead use a walkmesh cutter (WC). The WC doesn’t have to be super perfect and go around every corner (a rectangle will do). Try again the different configuration of some objects in their spaces, sometimes they need to be more spaced.


sidenote: sometimes, when putting bridges or docks together (eg) i gotta raise and lower them by a wee bit before they bake

maybe it’s like that for curbs …


Here is a sample of a heavily built area. As @raymondsebas said, put environmental some buildings and use a walkmesh cutter. In this area all buildings and other placeables out of the active zone are put environmental too in order to decrease the memory load.

There is a little drawback though. If you intend to set fights in that area, shooters/casters will be able to hit through the environmental buildings walls (no cut LOS, no collision box). Magic city …


Take into consideration what @Claudius33 just said. It’s important.

What is “probably” causing your problem is the use of curbs under your buildings to act as a sidewalk. They are “probably” too close together. Sometimes it’s small objects, such as your two sewer entrances that can be seen in the screenshot you provided.

Be prepared for hours of frustration to resolve this issue (sometimes). I speak from experience. How many times have I been forced to redo areas completely because it refused to bake.


Hey Raymond, yes you are correct! That is the area that is baking as non-walkable. The only thing about converting buildings to EV is that I would then need to place some doors manually and then I think the AI can “see” through them, right? I will do some testing with your suggestion as well once I finish revising this area (Beggar’s Nest). Thanks!


I will give that a try as well, but they do bake in less cluttered areas with the exact same height differences. Thanks!


Thank you for your input, you confirmed what I remembered from when I last built some cities long ago. Yes, there will be some fights in this area and possible ranged weapon use as well. It would be a bit confusing for players to be shot through some buildings while running down some streets. Perhaps someone is making some really powerful bolts and arrows these days!


Sinking the curbs into the ground and making them environmental is easier than raising the ground.

No one’s going to notice if they don’t step up a kerb apart from you.


Just a thought but can’t you use “fancy maps” (aka a normal map) derived from the current model (before flattening) to make it appear as though there are curbs?



Be careful with buildings. If you make them environmental, they lose their doors.



Hint : make a building environmental, add the missing door(s). Now, you can copy/paste the building, the copy keeps the door(s).

You can copy/paste from one area to another, even from one module to another.

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You can always put a static door with height and position locking. Otherwise if you are using the BcK hak you have to create the illusion that this part of the building is not wearing. Or any stuff @rjshae as made. Their like zillions of nice stuff.

However, make a copy of the area and in that copy delete some objects to see which one is causing the problem.
I’ll start with the curbs, just to check.

If the curbs are causing the problem, make them narrower and less close to each other in that specific area.

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I suppose there is no way to prevent objects from going “into” each other when placing them in the toolset? I was looking to see if there was such a snap feature in the toolset, but I did not find it.

You really have to find the object that creates the problem dear friend.

An example was in my village of Oakhurst where two objects prevented the area from baking properly. In white was the non-walkable tile.

Either that or whip out the weird-looking stock ones and make an ugly city. :joy:

I’m sure it’s the curbs since this was not happening before. I will probably have to convert them to environmental objects and rely on terrain or something like that… at least for the troublesome tiles.